KuCoin report: 44% of Germans plan to invest in crypto

KuCoin report

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  • KuCoin report says that 44% of German plan to invest in crypto
  • The report clarifies the interest in crypto
  • The Crypto population is worried about unclear guidelines

Crypto investments have been on the rise worldwide as mainstream attention continues to point at the market. Although the price of the assets is not too encouraging, there is a lot of promise in the market. With this in mind, a recent KuCoin report has cited the potential increase in crypto investments across Germany. The report results showed promise for the future of crypto investments in one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

KuCoin report says the younger generation is embracing crypto

According to the KuCoin report, about 44% of Germans are eager to enter the crypto market as they anticipate the new future of the financial market. In the same vein, the report showed that about 37% of the respondents already own one crypto investment or another in a year. A recent study across social media has commended the aggressiveness of the German population towards investing in digital assets.

However, these new statistics show that they are not just a sensation, but something backed up with facts. Giving his opinion on the issue, CEO of the crypto exchange Johnny Lyu, mentioned that crypto was gaining popularity among those who intend to hold. He made mention of the younger generation boasting the higher percentage of crypto holders. However, Lyu was disturbed by the lack of regulation on digital assets in the country despite a massive rise in adoption.

The Crypto population is worried about unclear guidelines

Since Germany officially recognized holding and trading digital assets, it has had little success drumming up a compact regulation to guide usage. Germany was also one of the few countries to adopt the DLT, with a recent political discussion talking about the country’s position on the new technologies. According to the KuCoin report, men were more involved in holding crypto, while women were more open to learning about digital assets.

Another report also showed that the younger population was leading in accumulation and trading the assets. However, there are worries about the Financial Authority in Germany, BaFin’s uncertain stand regarding regulation. Director of F5 crypto, Florian Döhnert-Breyer, believes that the authorities will only come up with legislation that will be friendly towards the assets. In his example, he cited the recent approval of several licenses to crypto investments. However, Lyu believes that all these actions taken by the regulators show that they are interested in creating a good environment for crypto users.

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