An American School of Business Integrates AI in Curriculum for Future-Ready Graduates


  • The Kogod School of Business at American University is incorporating AI into its curriculum, with a full rollout of over 20 new and updated courses.
  • Students will gain proficiency in fundamental AI concepts and tools, studying in ‘AI Sage’ courses for practical application and ‘AI Artisan’ courses for theoretical understanding.
  • Faculty members, both incumbent and newly hired for their AI/ML expertise, will also continue to learn and adapt in order to keep teaching practices current.

Imagine a business school where every single course was infused with futuristic concepts, where the ordinary was transformed into extraordinary with the innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI). Welcome to the academic journey at the Kogod School of Business at American University. Breaking the usual barriers of learning, the university announced today that AI is now an integral part of its academic curriculum and everyday practices. 

Artificial intelligence is here to stay, and business students must be adept at using AI applications from the first day in their prospective jobs, emphasized Kogod School of Business Dean David Marchick. He highlighted that in order to prepare students to compete in a global market, a bold and aggressive approach must be taken to change the curriculum. The driving force behind today’s announcement is the inside-out impact we aim to have on the student experience and their professional outcomes after graduating.”

Infusing AI into Kogod’s academic fabric

One of Kogod’s remarkable steps in this reinvention is the substantial investment in hiring faculty with noted expertise in AI and ML. Faculty additions like Angela Virtu and Shawn Janzen that joined Kogod in 2023 illustrate such commitment. Additionally, two more AI/ML experts will be added to their esteemed panel of full-time faculty this fall. 

Moreover, Kogod understands that the AI field is dynamic and changing, hence, faculty and staff are consistently engaged in real-time learning to keep the coursework and the institution’s day-to-day practices cutting-edge. 

To stay competitive and relevant, Kogod needs to move as swiftly as the AI landscape itself, highlighted Gwanhoo Lee, chair of Kogod’s Department of Information Technology & Analytics. Him and his colleagues are optimistic and eager to continually update and refine their approach to keep pace with the evolving AI market.

American industry panels

The adoption of AI isn’t just limited to academic spheres within Kogod. In April, the school plans to host a series of industry panels with esteemed executives across various sectors such as finance, tech, and marketing. These sectors are experiencing significant transformations due to the adoption of AI, and these panels intend to bring those real-world insights to the classroom. 

Though digital transformation is not a new concept, it’s the scale at which Kogod has embraced it that makes a difference. By incorporating AI into their curriculum, Kogod is aiming to revolutionize business education and help students understand and harness the power of AI effectively in their future careers. 

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