KEY Foundation and English Forward become Partners in Education

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A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) has been signed between the KEY Foundation (KF) and English Forward (EF).  

This partnership agreement will hasten the expansion and development of the blockchain-based Education Ecosystem in India. In light of the COVID-10 pandemic fallout, the importance of educational measures has been brought to the forefront of global attention. Working together, the KEY Foundation and English Forward will facilitate the building of educational tools and systems that can withstand the likes of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Developing together, the partnership between the KEY Foundation and English Forward will attempt to seize the opportunity presented by the quarantining climate of the world – to shape isolation into education. 

By utilizing the synergy between the partnership, both KEY Foundation and English Forward will work in the blockchain space to help students grow their skills online. With this concoction of motivation and direction, the generations to come will have the tools required to prepare for the future. 

KEY Foundation’s Managing Trustee, Karnika E. Yashwant explains:

The MOA strengthens our common vision and commitment to serve our distinct yet common communities. The vision is the eventual mass adoption of a superior education ecosystem using blockchain with India as one of the strongholds. Through joining both of our loyal communities, a faster building up of initial momentum is expected.

EF advocates the English language be used as a critical tool for life. Utilizing the blockchain platform, learning English provides the community’s students with a vital skill needed to seize opportunities both home and abroad. 

Mitch Ranking, CEO of English Forward enthuses:

With the recent face-to-face engagement restrictions by the pandemic, consciousness about the necessity of developing English skills is surging. English Forward is at the cutting edge of supplying this need. I am so excited about the partnership with KEY Foundation. It’s wonderful to work with an organization with such a heart for humanity. 

Numerous governments have pitched in reports that discuss and speculate the potential implications of blockchain technology. Just in the last two years, over three million Google search results for blockchain have been seen alongside over 500,000 blockchain publications. EF entered this industry with it’s organic Q&A community platform and has since recruited members that form a strong community exceeding 250,000 individuals.

India hosts a huge English as a Second Language (ESL) community, yet stakeholders lack communication and cooperative opinion. EF intends to soon remedy this problem by incorporating a peer-to-peer marketplace, tutoring functionality, a blockchain token economy and an English language jobs board. 

Benefits of this synergistic partnership

The KEY Foundation is an educational foundation and will help circulate English Forward’s goals to both the public and the media. The outcome will be the fast-tracking of EF’s ‘Learn English’ through the Ecosystem advocacy. 

Starting on the 19th of September 2020, KF will be tasking it’s local volunteers to take on roles that include providing networking opportunities for both EF and KF members, organizing facility access for gatherings as warranted and lobbying legislators.

As a non-profit organization, KF has its sights on building bridges with for-profit organizations. They persevere in their pursuit of educating people to become critical thinkers, accepting and improving ethical businesses, and to take on social responsibility.

The KF offers practical soft skills training for graduating students both in the Chennai area and other nearby regions within Maharashtra. The KF courses have supported students in obtaining rapid employment within government agencies and business offices.  

The future of blockchain-based education is bright

The New Education Policy (NEP) is admirable for aiming to ensure the education system remains flexible, holistic and multidisciplinary, but the question remains. Should the language formula be revised?

In the same likeness of when America overshadowed Europe in the late 1900s by obtaining international prominence, India is positioned to overshadow the world in terms of education. 

Adaptation is vital in the modern world and as the world adapts, so must we. As the saying goes:

“Necessity is the mother of invention”

As such, our necessity for education has invented the next step into the future. The invention of the blockchain-based educational ecosystem.

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Joshua O'Sullivan

Written by Joshua O'Sullivan

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