KEY Difference Media Pitches Token Sale of ethbox (supported by DuckDAO): nearly 12x oversubscription in under 24 hours

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“Every possibility brings with it equal adversity; this is the balancing scale of business and life. But when you know the industry as we do, you can take risks as wild ducks do, to the delight of ducks in the community.” – KEY

KEY Difference Media promotes ethbox’s upcoming token sale, supported by DuckDAO. ethbox, is an up and coming secure escrow service designed for ultimate security while DuckDAO is one of the most prestigious organizations in the blockchain space. 

KEY Difference Media helps a business create an authoritative presence across the Internet with its full suite marketing campaign. Overhead expenses are reduced while delivering optimum results. Powered entirely by data, strategy planning takes the guesswork out of the picture. 

Supporting ethbox will bolster the implementation of an innovative solution to completely alleviate any risk of loss while sending cryptocurrency. Transactions will be secured by incorporating encrypted two-factor authentication into the puzzle. ethbox could also be used for OTC and for transaction privacy purposes as well. 


Honed from calling the shots from the age of 14, Karnika E. Yashwant (Mr. KEY) with 18 years of experience in marketing can spot a project with potential from long. He said, “ethbox is simple, straightforward, and has a very clear use-case that anyone can just ‘get’, unlike most DeFi projects these days.

“Success is built one ‘right’ step at a time, not just a series of random steps. Focus on the ‘right’ steps. Every word matters, as it’s an opportunity to impress your brand in your audience’s mind. One right step a day, and you can be above the clouds with a flag pole on the peak, down the line.” –  Yaroslav Belkin, Director of Community, KEY Difference Media, and Ex-Head Of Marketing, Cointelegraph Events. He is also the founder of Belkin Marketing.

At the time of this writing, there has been overwhelming feedback and great response from DuckDAO and the duck community over the ethbox whitepaper, use case, and the beta platform. In 24 hours nearly 12x private sale forms oversubscribed.

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Alden Baldwin

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