Kenya forms committee to investigate Worldcoin’s Iris Scan authentication

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  • Kenya’s legislative bodies have established a 15-member committee from various sectors to investigate Worldcoin’s operations within 42 days.
  • Worldcoin began its Kenyan operations on July 24th by setting up ‘orbs’ in Nairobi that exchanged cryptocurrency for iris scans from locals.
  • Kenyan authorities suspended Worldcoin due to concerns about its functioning, especially regarding data security and privacy.

Kenya’s legislative bodies have set up a dedicated committee to probe the operations of Worldcoin, a controversial cryptocurrency demanding iris scans for user authentication. Comprising 15 members from the Tourism and Wildlife, Communication and Innovation, and Administration and Internal Security sectors, the committee’s task is to scrutinize Worldcoin within a 42-day timeframe, as directed by Kenya’s National Assembly.

Worldcoin, which debuted globally on July 24th, initiated its Kenyan launch by placing ‘orbs’ in a Nairobi conference center. These orbs allowed locals to exchange cryptocurrency for their iris data privacy. However, the Kenyan regulatory authorities expressed apprehensions about Worldcoin’s functioning, leading to the project’s suspension.

The Communications Authority’s investigation identified critical issues surrounding data security, storage, and cybersecurity practices. The need for proper cybersecurity measures and storing sensitive data in private hands with a fitting framework raised red flags.

Local authorities took action, with Nairobi police conducting a raid on a Worldcoin facility and confiscating devices containing citizens’ iris data. In January, the Kenyan Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC) had already instructed Worldcoin’s parent company, Tools for Humanity, to halt personal data collection. Furthermore, various government departments specializing in security, finance, and protection have initiated parallel investigations into the cryptocurrency proposal.

The move to investigate Worldcoin indicates Kenya’s commitment to safeguarding citizen data and maintaining regulatory compliance. The committee’s formation signifies a decisive step towards addressing the potential risks associated with the cryptocurrency’s operations.

Moreover, this development underscores the need for clear data security and privacy guidelines, particularly in the evolving landscape of digital currencies. The decision to pause Worldcoin in light of substantial regulatory concerns reflects the government’s dedication to ensuring citizens’ rights and privacy in the face of emerging technologies.

Hence, as Kenya delves into this investigation, the focus on protecting sensitive data and establishing proper safeguards for citizen information remains paramount, shaping the country’s digital future trajectory.

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