Justin Sun and anonymous whales acquire over $182 million in Ethereum


  • Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, and an unidentified crypto whale have collectively acquired over $182 million worth of Ethereum since December 26.
  • Sun’s strategy includes withdrawing large amounts of ETH from Binance, presumably for long-term storage, indicating a bullish outlook on Ethereum.

In recent weeks, the cryptocurrency market has witnessed substantial Ethereum (ETH) acquisitions by notable figures, including Tron (TRX) founder Justin Sun. According to on-chain data analyzed by blockchain tracking firm Lookonchain, these purchases amount to over $182 million in Ethereum since December 26, highlighting a trend of increasing interest among prominent investors.

Tron founder’s Ethereum strategy

Justin Sun, known for his role in the Tron blockchain, has been actively purchasing Ethereum. Lookonchain’s report reveals that Sun has withdrawn Ethereum worth $39.2 million from the cryptocurrency exchange Binance since December 26. This move typically indicates a strategy to secure cold storage assets, often used for long-term holding. The total amount withdrawn by Sun includes 11,267 ETH, valued at approximately $25.3 million, followed by an additional withdrawal of 17,433 ETH.

This strategic acquisition aligns with a broader pattern of increased Ethereum interest among various investors. Sun’s involvement in Ethereum, despite his association with Tron, underscores the cross-platform interest within the crypto community.

Whale movements

Alongside Sun, an unidentified crypto whale, referred to by their wallet address beginning with 0x9314, has made significant Ethereum purchases. Since the start of the new year, this entity has bought 79,980 ETH, amounting to $143 million, from a decentralized exchange (DEX). Such large-scale purchases from influential market players can have a notable impact on Ethereum’s market dynamics.

The activity of these whales, particularly in buying significant amounts of ETH, indicates a bullish sentiment toward Ethereum. This trend is further substantiated by the actions of crypto-focused venture capital firm Paradigm. Lookonchain notes Paradigm’s strategy of accumulating ETH during bear markets and selling during bull markets, a tactic that has been historically successful. Recently, Paradigm deposited 6,500 ETH, worth $14.67 million, into Coinbase, possibly signaling a preparation for sale.

Market trends and future outlook

The substantial Ethereum acquisitions by figures like Justin Sun and other crypto whales signify a strong confidence in the cryptocurrency’s future. These movements are particularly noteworthy given the volatile nature of the crypto market. The strategic approaches of these investors, ranging from long-term holding to tactical buying and selling, reflect the diverse strategies employed in the cryptocurrency investment landscape.

Overall, the actions of key players like Tron’s Justin Sun and firms like Paradigm might likely influence Ethereum’s market trajectory. 

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