Japan’s crypto vision: Transforming the internet


  • Japan’s Prime Minister fully supports Web3 technology, believing it can revolutionize the internet and societal structures.
  • Under Kishida’s leadership, Japan is implementing “new capitalism” policies, fostering a conducive environment for the development of Web3.
  • Cryptocurrency giant Binance is set to launch full services in Japan, reflecting the country’s openness to digital currency advancements.

Journey with me as we get into the profound aspirations of the Land of the Rising Sun—Japan—as it decisively marches toward a digital revolution that stands to redefine the core fabric of the internet as we know it.

The drive comes from the top, with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida zealously backing the Web3 technology, which he sees as a force poised to trigger sweeping transformations in both the digital and social landscapes.

Betting big on web3: Japan’s gameplan

While several nations across the globe are wrestling with the burgeoning presence of Web3, Japan, under Kishida’s leadership, has taken a clear stance. It’s all in.

A testament to this is the administration’s “new capitalism” policies—strategies meticulously crafted to propel the sustained evolution of this disruptive sector.

The Prime Minister doesn’t see Web3 as merely a fleeting trend or a whimsical fascination. Instead, he forecasts it as a radical force that could spark a societal metamorphosis within Japan itself, a narrative the government is eager to manifest.

Japan isn’t just making hollow claims. Its commitment is evident in its policy-making, striving to curate an ecosystem conducive for Web3 advancements.

The country is ardently driving this digital revolution under the banner of its “new capitalism” economic policies, seeing Web3 as an integral component of this progressive form of capitalism.

The crypto wave: Japan takes the lead

As if to further underline Japan’s unwavering commitment to this disruptive technology, recent events present a telling picture. Binance, the colossal name in the cryptocurrency arena, has planned its grand entrance into Japan, adding more momentum to the country’s digital vision.

The globally renowned exchange, steered by Changpeng Zhao, is poised to bring its full range of services to Japan in the following month.

This move comes after Binance acquired Sakura Exchange BitCoin, showcasing its intent to adhere to local regulations by constructing a platform that ensures full compliance.

And it’s not just about foreign entities finding a home in Japan. The country is also reportedly exploring the possibility of developing its proprietary stablecoin, demonstrating an ever-increasing dedication to the Web3 and cryptocurrency landscape.

Furthermore, Binance’s local General Manager, Takeshi Chino, hinted at the possibility of launching stablecoins in Japan. This idea could materialize thanks to Japan’s progressive stablecoin law, granting licensed banks and registered money transfer agents the legal leeway to issue tokens.

As Japan positions itself as a global leader in this Web3 revolution, Richard Teng, Binance’s head of regional markets, commented on the ripening interest in crypto from traditional financial actors. This shift could serve as a catalyst for accelerating mass adoption at an impressive speed.

In essence, Japan’s crypto vision represents not merely a minor shift, but a seismic transformation, holding the potential to redefine the underpinnings of the internet and society at large.

As we witness Japan boldly sailing into uncharted waters, the rest of the world watches on, perhaps contemplating their next move in this ever-evolving digital game of chess.

Only time will tell how this grand vision will unfurl, but one thing is clear – Japan has put the wheels of revolution in motion.

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