Japanese authorities getting ready for 2nd crytpo exchange in the country

The interest in crypto space has been increasing in Japan, and just now the financial regulators of Japan have confirmed that a new crypto exchange will begin operating starting this week.

This crypto exchange will be the second one to begin operating in Japan. The application will begin on the 25th of March. The crypto exchange called DeCurret will start trading officially on the 16th of April 2019.

DeCurret will be partnering up with Rakuten Wallet in the month of April. This will be the second exchange approved and licensed by the Japanese Government.

DeCurret ‘s major motivation is to be the biggest financial server for the cryptocurrencies. DeCurret wishes to be a cryptocurrency exchange that is easy to use and accessible to all.

Japan is the hub all technological advancements, so it is not surprising for it to be interested in the crypto space. The latest data from FSA suggests that 140 businesses have requested the FSA to approve their crypto exchanges since March of 2018. Out of those 140, 23 have already filled out the paperwork required to start the process.

Rakuten and DeCurret are the only ones that have a formal license from the financial regulators as of now. But it is expected that the numbers will soon start to increase.