Japan start-ups to ditch stocks for crypto – Details


  • Japan is transitioning from traditional stock-based fundraising for startups to cryptocurrency-based methods.
  • Historically slow in digital asset adoption, recent moves show Japan’s growing openness to cryptocurrencies.
  • Financial Services Agency (FSA) seeks to amend tax codes to favor businesses dealing in cryptocurrencies.

Shifting gears in the financial landscape, Japan is breaking from its conservative stance on cryptocurrency. A nation traditionally seen as a stronghold of stock-driven fundraising for startups now stands on the cusp of a revolutionary transformation.

Instead of going the stock route, young enterprises in the Land of the Rising Sun are gearing up to raise public funds via the issuance of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies.

A New Dawn for Digital Assets

Over the years, Japan has been often viewed as a laggard in the global race of digital asset adoption. But, that’s ancient history. As of recent, seismic shifts have been felt in the nation’s financial sectors, nudging it toward a more progressive stance on cryptocurrencies.

And who’s spearheading these changes? None other than Japan’s principal financial watchdog – the Financial Services Agency (FSA). In a bold move last August, the FSA has put its weight behind restructuring the nation’s cryptocurrency tax codes. Their agenda is clear – provide relief to businesses by exempting them from the burdensome year-end tax on “unrealized gains” for cryptocurrencies.

Such forward momentum doesn’t just stop at the FSA’s doorstep. To offer a holistic perspective, one must turn their eyes to the Investment Business Limited Partnerships (LPS), a specific segment within Japan’s fund landscape.

It’s this segment that’s poised to undergo the most radical transformation. New systems are on the horizon, systems that will accommodate the raise of public funds through crypto assets rather than the conventional stocks.

Japan’s Top Brass Backs the Shift

Signifying the national importance of this shift, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida threw his weight behind the burgeoning Web3 industry. Speaking at Tokyo’s WebX conference, Kishida was far from holding back his enthusiasm for this game-changing technology.

Web3, according to Kishida, isn’t just a tech buzzword; it’s a catalyst primed to overhaul the internet and become a beacon for societal evolution. But what’s the international crypto community’s take on Japan’s paradigm shift?

Well, one only needs to look at the actions of crypto giant Binance to gauge the global pulse. After a strategic acquisition of Sakura Exchange Bitcoin in late 2022, Binance wasted no time in announcing its return to Japan, targeting August for its re-launch.

This move by Binance wasn’t just a business decision. It was a nod of approval, a testament to Japan’s revamped crypto-friendly stance. Japan’s dalliance with crypto is not a mere flirtation; it’s a full-blown commitment.

From regulatory bodies to the highest echelons of political power, the nation is aligning itself with the digital asset future. While skeptics might question the longevity of such a shift, one thing’s for sure – Japan’s financial fabric is undergoing a transformation.

And as for the startups? They’re right at the heart of this change, eager to harness the power of crypto over traditional stocks. Time will reveal the repercussions, but for now, Japan seems poised to take the crypto bull by its horns.

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