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Statistics show that more than 35% of the bets in Q1 of 2022 were made using cryptocurrencies. This figure alone tells us the value and the growing prominence of crypto gambling sites. 

But the market is currently flushed with them, which makes finding the right ones a difficult task. That’s where sites like InsideBitcoins.com have stepped up.

Covering all things crypto, InsideBitcoins.com has gained renown in the crypto arena. What started as a site offering “how-to-buy” guides to crypto enthusiasts has now transformed into a platform that people find good when it comes to finding crypto gambling sites. But how does it measure up to other platforms providing the same features?

This review will take you through the different elements of InsideBitcoins.com with respect to its gambling reviews. We will discuss the niches of crypto platforms it covers, the types of testing methods it implements, and the quality of the content it delivers. 

What kind of Gambling Platforms Does InsideBitcoins.com covers?

While all Bitcoin casinos deliver all types of casino games (almost), some have a specialized nature. Let us dive into the content that InsideBitcoins.com covers for crypto casinos. 

Individual Reviews of Crypto Gaming Sites

When InsideBitcoins.com first started, it focused on individual reviews of crypto gambling sites. To this day, these are prevalent. In these reviews, InsideBitcoins.com takes readers through long-form articles that do a complete breakdown of a casino site’s features. 

The reviews cover licensing, security, types of bonus perks available, types of games offered, user interface, customer support, and how one can start playing on these gambling platforms. 

The focus of these reviews is thoroughness, and their purpose is to deliver information. Through a critical eye, InsideBitcoins.com scrutinizes these platforms. All the listed elements are measured against the industry standards. In the end, all the factors are weighed to suggest whether gaming is good for players. 

Individual Reviews of Crypto Betting Sites

The second type of individual reviews that InsideBitcoins.com does are for crypto betting sites, Normally, they are conflated with individual crypto casino reviews, considering most prominent Bitcoin casinos now actively provide casino games and betting options. 

However, InsideBitcoins.com often reviews specialty betting platforms where the sole focus is on the sports market. 

These reviews are a critical purview of a betting site’s available markets and odds. The long-form guides also go into the UI, connectivity, security features, payment methods, and accepted cryptocurrencies. 

InsideBitcoins.com judges these platforms based on the size of the betting markets and the types of odds available. Upon reading the content, we found that it is not only the quantity that this platform seeks but also the quality of the markets. 

Top Lists 

There was a time when one could find individual reviews for individual gaming sites right from the home page. However, those days are long gone. Instead, what InsideBitcoins.com now provides are lists. 

These lists focus on particular elements of a gaming site. For instance, you can encounter a list that deals with Telegram casinos, platforms that use Telegram bots to provide a more minimalistic betting experience to users. 

Here are key categories of lists that InsideBitcoins.com provides:

Bitcoin Casinos

Most Bitcoin casinos are covered in this category. InsideBitcoins.com covers Bitcoin casinos that are active worldwide and casinos that are specific to certain countries, like Australia, Canada, UAE, UK, and the US. 

This category also dives into gambling sites that offer the best bonuses, sites with instant withdrawal facilities, and platforms that offer provably fair games. 

The focus of this particular list is to have a nuanced take on Bitcoin casinos overall. They cover the perks of Bitcoin casinos in each review and also focus on the countries in which they are available.

Crypto Gaming 

The second category of gambling sites that InsideBitcoins.com covers is crypto gaming. Here, readers will find a list of crypto-specific casinos – platforms that are known to cater to a particular type of crypto. These include BNB casinos, Ethereum casinos, Litecoin Casinos, XRP casinos, and more. 

That said, niche casinos, such as crypto sports betting, live dealer casinos, no-deposit casinos, no-limit casinos, and blockchain betting platforms are also covered under this category. 

Betting game explorers may notice a lack of a niche category to be a bit out of the norm. However, InsideBitcoins.com has made many changes recently. It will continue to do so according to the feedback provided. 

Types of Games

This category consists of casino lists based on their specialized games. It covers Blackjack, Dice, Poker, Roulette, Slots, Aviator, Crash, Crypto Lottery, Plinko, Web3 Games, and Telegram games. 

The focus of this list is not just to inform people about the best gambling site to play a particular game but also on what the game actually is. These Wikipedia-style lists have a semi-neutral approach that most players will appreciate.

No ID Platforms 

The last category of lists that InsideBitcoins.com covers is the most interesting one, according to us. Here, no ID platforms or casinos that don’t require any Identifications are covered. 

The lists given in this category include anonymous casinos, No ID betting sites, No Account casinos, No KYC casinos, No Registration Casinos, No GamStop casinos, Inclave Casinos, and VPN-friendly casinos. 

While we initially thought that many of these lists were redundant (No need for a No Account Casinos list if there is already a list covering No Registration casinos), we found the details were different. 

What are the Testing Methods Implemented For These Betting Sites?

Upon reading the content, we found that InsideBitcoins.com goes all the way in when assessing these casinos. 

Account Creation and Playing the Games

The review site uses this method to test the casino and betting site and their games. It goes through the platform’s navigation, the bonus perks, the UI, and the terms and conditions to extract the maximum information from the platform. 

During this process, all links are checked, key games are analyzed, and the licensed nature of the platform is verified. The latter is done by finding the license number. Most gambling sites have it. When some don’t, IB often marks them as red flags. 

Customer Support

While reviews analyze the surface aspects of a gambling platform by assessing the games and the UI to find out key details that are not displayed, InsideBitcoins.com writers talk to customer support. 

Everything from the response times and the quality of answers are assessed. The writers often put up complex problems to see how long it takes for the team to come up with an answer. If the problem is too complex, writers wait for a day to review the responses. 

Quality Assessment of InsideBitcoins.com

After reviewing the entire bouquet of InsideBitcoin’s offerings with respect to gambling platforms, here are the results: 

Information Available – 10/10

InsideBitcoins.com is through when it comes to providing information. It leaves no stone unturned. Even minor details that other review sites often gloss over are covered here. 

Thoroughness – 10/10

The website offers thorough reviews of gambling platforms. It covers all the key details, from games available to bonuses to the UI. The fact that the writers themselves are crypto enthusiasts who dabble a bit in crypto gaming is a big plus. Their active participation in gaming makes the content more relevant. 

Testing Methods – 10/10

There is something to be said about the complete testing methods that InsideBitcoins.com implements. It doesn’t only go over the content but actually dives heads first and plays the game that the site offers. It indicates dedication to the craft and the need to inform its audience, which is a very big positive. 

Writing Quality – 10/10

The writing quality of the platform is good. The tone they take when providing reviews is a conversational one – which is different from their otherwise neutral-style articles. The non-formal tone of the review of games helps readers go through the long-form articles more easily. For instance, it didn’t take our reviewers more than 10 minutes to read one casino review. 

Other than the tone, we also appreciated the breakdown of articles in different sections, it made navigating the reviews easier. 

Navigation – 8/10

While the site looks good and it loads faster, the navigation leaves a lot to be desired. Most of the key gaming site reviews that it has covered in the past are hidden. This has to do with the changes made to the navigation menu. 

The new menu has traded off providing all the info for offering information about only the latest gaming sites. Thankfully, there is a Search button for readers to check out the review they want to read. But it has been put in such a place that you may overlook it. 


InsideBitcoins.com does most things correctly. It is thorough when it comes to providing casino details and highly proficient when it comes to writing about them. The conversational tone makes the reviews easy to go through. The comprehensiveness of these reviews shows that InsideBitcoins.com has integrity when it comes to highlighting the crypto gambling platforms. 

The issue, however, lies with the platform’s navigation. Multiple individual reviews that populated the platform before are now hidden. While it has much to do with the platform’s transformative nature, we would have liked for the site to have more options in the navigation menu. Also, the menu itself could use a bit of update.

This small drawback, however, doesn’t take away from the quality of this platform. So yes, InsideBitcoins.com is good for those who wish to learn about crypto gambling.

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