OpenAI Investors Bullish on AI Startups Despite ChatGPT’s Rise


  • OpenAI’s foray into AI “apps” doesn’t signal doom for AI startups, say investors.
  • Investors actively seek new AI products, emphasizing consumer interaction and addressing deep tech challenges.
  • Despite ChatGPT’s marketplace, investors anticipate a surge in innovative AI formats alongside opportunities for startups.

In a recent revelation at the Reuters NEXT conference, OpenAI investors refuted concerns that the introduction of artificial intelligence “apps” would stifle the growth of emerging AI startups. Instead, they expressed enthusiasm for the wealth of opportunities in the evolving AI landscape, highlighting the need for novel solutions to enhance consumer interactions and tackle complex technological challenges. The discussion unfolds against the backdrop of OpenAI’s unveiling of a marketplace for personalized AI “apps,” a move that initially raised apprehensions among AI startup founders fearing the looming dominance of the ChatGPT empire.

ChatGPT investors see abundant room for innovation

Contrary to the apprehensions triggered by OpenAI’s latest venture, Sequoia Capital’s Konstantine Buhler asserts that the field of AI is still in an intermediary phase within a long-term revolution. Sequoia, an investor in OpenAI since 2021, remains optimistic about the potential for startups to shape the future of AI innovation. Emphasizing the vast potential for ongoing innovation within the field of AI, Buhler characterized the current phase as an intermediary step in a revolution spanning decades, highlighting the pivotal role startups can play in influencing the trajectory of AI development.

Avery Klemmer, a partner at Thrive Capital, a firm that recently increased its investment in OpenAI, echoed these sentiments. She sees opportunities for the rise of consumer applications alongside ChatGPT, anticipating novel formats and forms of engagement. Klemmer envisions a landscape where innovative AI chatbots, inspired by ChatGPT’s success, will emerge, contributing to the evolution of AI applications beyond the current paradigm. The investment community remains committed to fostering diversity and creativity within the AI startup ecosystem, reinforcing the belief that OpenAI’s expansion doesn’t preclude the emergence of groundbreaking solutions from other players.

Accelerating AI development beyond ChatGPT with The cost equation

Despite the current frenzy of investments in AI technology, both by corporations and venture capital firms, experts suggest that AI product development is still in its early stages. Jill Chase, partner at CapitalG, emphasized the evolving cost dynamics associated with building applications using large language models. While the current expense is relatively high, Chase anticipates a rapid decline in the cost of AI inference, a critical aspect of AI model utilization for making predictions. This, she believes, could be a game-changer, inspiring the creation of new businesses and empowering existing players with enhanced use cases.

Chase argues that the significant reduction in the cost of inference may seem inconspicuous but will have a profound impact on the types of businesses that can be established and the range of applications that incumbents can enable. As research in the AI space accelerates, the cost barrier is expected to diminish, fostering a more competitive and dynamic environment for startups. Investors foresee this shift in cost dynamics as a catalyst for accelerated innovation, driving the development of a diverse range of AI products beyond the confines of the current landscape.

A promising horizon for the AI startup ecosystem

In the midst of OpenAI’s expansive moves into the AI “app” marketplace, the optimism expressed by investors sheds light on the resilience and adaptability of the AI startup ecosystem. The belief in continued innovation, coupled with the anticipation of evolving cost dynamics, paints a hopeful picture for the future of AI startups. As the landscape expands beyond ChatGPT, the pivotal question remains: What novel AI applications will emerge, and how will startups navigate the evolving dynamics of the AI marketplace to carve their niche? The journey seems promising, fueled by the collective vision of investors and entrepreneurs alike.

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