Top ETF analyst shares inside scoop on SEC’s Bitcoin ETF meetings

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  • Eric Balchunas revealed that the SEC is engaging with exchanges on Bitcoin ETFs, preferring cash creations over in-kind transactions.
  • The SEC’s stance requires several filers to adjust their strategies, potentially leading to delays in their Bitcoin ETF proposals.
  • The SEC has delayed decisions on several Bitcoin ETFs, including Franklin Bitcoin ETF, with a new deadline set for January 1, 2024.

In the labyrinth of cryptocurrency regulations, a new development is unfolding, one that might signal a pivotal shift in the Bitcoin ETF landscape.

Eric Balchunas, a Bloomberg ETF analyst, recently shed light on some intriguing discussions between the SEC’s Trading & Markets division and various exchanges regarding the future of Bitcoin ETFs.

This insight comes at a time when the crypto world is keenly observing every regulatory nuance, especially those concerning the highly anticipated Bitcoin ETFs.

SEC’s Preference for Cash Creation in Bitcoin ETFs

The core of these discussions, as revealed by Balchunas, revolves around the SEC’s preference for Bitcoin ETFs to execute cash creations instead of the traditional in-kind method.

This shift, although not entirely unexpected, is a significant indicator of the SEC’s approach to handling the complexities of cryptocurrency-based ETFs.

In essence, cash creations would mean that broker-dealers, who are currently unable to deal directly in Bitcoin due to regulatory constraints, would be relieved from the onus of having to handle Bitcoin transactions.

This approach simplifies the process for them, as it circumvents the need to engage with unregistered subsidiaries or third-party firms for Bitcoin dealings.

The implications of this preference are substantial. Only a handful of filers had initially planned for cash creations, while the majority were gearing up for in-kind creations.

This divergence means that many filers might now have to pivot their strategies or face potential delays in their ETF proposals.

Balchunas points out that this doesn’t necessarily change the 90% odds of approval or rejection, but it does show that the SEC is marching forward with a clear path in mind regarding the operational mechanics of Bitcoin ETFs.

A Series of Delays and Developments

The SEC’s recent actions have been characterized by a series of delays in decision-making on various Bitcoin ETF proposals. The latest delay involves the Franklin Bitcoin ETF, a part of the Franklin Templeton Digital Holdings Trust.

The decision, which was pushed to January 1, 2024, follows similar postponements for other ETF proposals like Hashdex and Global X.

These delays are not just administrative hiccups; they reflect the SEC’s careful and considered approach to the burgeoning world of cryptocurrency ETFs.

The postponements allow for more comprehensive reviews and considerations, especially given the novel and complex nature of these financial products.

Furthermore, these developments are happening in the context of a broader race among major financial players to secure a foothold in the cryptocurrency ETF market.

BlackRock, a giant in the investment management world, has shown its ambitions by filing an S-1 for a spot ether ETF, indicating its interest in expanding beyond the Bitcoin ETF race.

The insights from Balchunas and the recent SEC actions paint a picture of a regulatory body cautiously navigating the uncharted waters of cryptocurrency ETFs.

The preference for cash creations, the series of delays, and the increasing interest from major financial institutions all point to a maturing market that is simultaneously eager and apprehensive.

As we watch these developments unfold, one thing is clear: the world of Bitcoin ETFs is on the cusp of significant change, with the SEC steering the ship with a meticulous and deliberate hand.

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