India’s NPCI hunts for Blockchain genius to revolutionize payments


  • The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and 247 Indian banking companies have joined forces to form the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).
  • Both actively looking for an experienced blockchain technologist to lead efforts in examining potential blockchain applications within modern payment systems.
  • The senior leadership position also demands a profound technical grasp of various blockchain platforms and a track record of involvement in at least two pilot blockchain projects. 

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), a collaborative initiative led by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in partnership with 247 Indian banking companies, is actively seeking an experienced blockchain technologist to spearhead efforts in exploring the potential applications of blockchain technology within contemporary payment systems.

NPCI is the governing body responsible for the operation of the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), India’s domestically developed instant payment system. UPI plays a pivotal role in facilitating inter-bank peer-to-peer and person-to-merchant transactions across the country. In a recent job posting on LinkedIn, NPCI reaffirmed its commitment to the pursuit of a head of blockchain, emphasizing the organization’s ongoing quest to harness the power of blockchain technology.

The ideal candidate for this pivotal role should be a seasoned technologist with a minimum of six years of hands-on experience in the development and implementation of blockchain solutions. Their primary responsibility will be to meticulously identify and evaluate potential use cases for blockchain-driven solutions within the payments ecosystem.

The senior leadership position also demands a profound technical grasp of various blockchain platforms and a track record of involvement in at least two pilot blockchain projects. Given the remarkable success of UPI in bolstering India’s payment landscape, other countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, France, BENELUX countries, Nepal, and the UK have expressed interest in adopting the UPI payment system to varying degrees. Incorporating blockchain elements into UPI could potentially introduce this revolutionary technology to millions of users instantly, reaffirming its transformative capabilities – capabilities that have continued to underpin Bitcoin for nearly 14 years.

India’s NPCI

The NPCI’s job posting for a blockchain leader has already garnered significant attention, with over 200 applicants expressing their interest at the time of this writing. It is anticipated that NPCI’s recruitment drive for blockchain expertise will expand in the near future as promising blockchain use cases are uncovered and developed.

In a similar vein, the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has initiated efforts to bolster its capabilities in addressing crypto-related crimes. The NCA recently began recruiting four senior investigators for its Complex Financial Crime Team, focusing on criminal activities associated with cryptocurrencies. These investigators will be entrusted with the task of pursuing high-level crypto fraud, money laundering, and other blockchain-related crimes perpetrated by organized crime syndicates.

The UK has been diligently working to establish a dedicated investigative team dedicated to tackling illicit activities involving cryptocurrencies. This heightened focus on crypto assets is evidenced by the launch of the NCA’s digital assets team on January 4th, underlining the nation’s determination to address the growing challenges posed by the digital economy and blockchain technology.

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