Indian Enterprises Leading Global AI Adoption, IBM Report Reveals


  • Indian enterprises lead global AI adoption, with 59% actively deploying AI technologies, according to the IBM Global AI Adoption Index 2023.
  • Early adopters in India, constituting 74% of surveyed enterprises, have intensified their AI investments over the past 24 months, focusing on areas like R&D and workforce reskilling.
  • Addressing challenges such as talent acquisition and ethical concerns is crucial to accelerating AI adoption among Indian enterprises, necessitating the development of robust AI governance frameworks.

In an era where technology relentlessly advances, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a beacon of innovation, particularly in India. According to the latest findings from the ‘IBM Global AI Adoption Index 2023,’ a striking 59% of enterprise-scale organizations in India, those boasting over 1,000 employees, have not just dabbled in AI but have actively integrated this cutting-edge technology into their operational fabric. This statistic not only underscores the country’s embrace of AI but also positions India at the forefront of AI adoption globally.

Surging ahead in AI adoption

The IBM report shines a light on the vigorous pace at which Indian enterprises are propelling themselves into the AI revolution. Among the early adopters, a notable 74% have ramped up their AI investments in the past two years, channeling funds into critical areas such as Research & Development (R&D) and workforce reskilling. This aggressive investment strategy reflects a clear recognition of AI’s transformative potential across various business dimensions.

However, the journey toward AI ubiquity is not without its hurdles. The report identifies significant challenges that loom large on the horizon, including the scarcity of skilled professionals adept in AI technologies and prevailing ethical concerns. These obstacles underscore the urgent need for a strategic approach to AI adoption, emphasizing skill development and ethical AI usage as paramount priorities in 2024.

The path forward to address challenges

The scarcity of AI-savvy talent and ethical quandaries represent pivotal barriers to AI’s broader acceptance within the corporate sphere. Addressing these challenges head-on, Indian enterprises are poised to prioritize initiatives aimed at nurturing a skilled workforce capable of navigating the complexities of AI technologies. Concurrently, the establishment of a robust AI governance framework emerges as a critical need, ensuring responsible AI development and deployment that aligns with ethical standards and legal requirements.

Sandip Patel, Managing Director of IBM India & South Asia, articulates a vision of optimism mixed with caution. He acknowledges the surge in AI adoption and investments as a testament to the tangible benefits that Indian enterprises are already reaping from AI. Yet, Patel also points to the untapped potential awaiting businesses that remain hesitant to fully deploy AI across their operations.

Governance and trust cornerstones of AI adoption

The IBM report underscores the importance of data and AI governance tools as indispensable instruments for crafting AI models that businesses can trust and adopt with confidence. Patel emphasizes the critical role of these tools in navigating the minefield of data privacy issues, legal complications, and ethical dilemmas that have beset many organizations worldwide. The call to action is clear: to fully harness AI’s potential, enterprises must adopt governance tools that foster the responsible creation and implementation of AI technologies.

India’s AI ambition as a global beacon

India’s enthusiastic embrace of AI, as highlighted in the IBM report, sets a global benchmark for AI adoption and investment. The proactive strides made by Indian enterprises in integrating AI into their operations, coupled with a forward-looking stance on addressing the accompanying challenges, paint a promising picture of the future. As Indian businesses continue to navigate the AI landscape, their journey offers valuable insights and lessons for the global community on harnessing the power of AI responsibly and effectively.

The ‘IBM Global AI Adoption Index 2023’ report not only celebrates India’s leadership in AI adoption but also casts a spotlight on the imperative to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. By fostering a skilled workforce and establishing a strong governance framework, Indian enterprises can unlock the full spectrum of AI’s potential, setting a precedent for innovation, efficiency, and ethical technology use that resonates well beyond its borders.

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