Improbable’s Strategic Move: Selling The Multiplayer Group for $97M

Improbable's Strategic Move: Selling The Multiplayer Group for $97M

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  • Improbable, a leading metaverse technology company, sold its gaming venture, The Multiplayer Group (MPG), to Keywords Studios for $97.1 million, aligning with its strategic focus for 2024 on nurturing ventures in sports, Web3, and fashion.
  • Alongside the sale, Improbable released its 2024 predictions, foreseeing significant growth in the metaverse, driven by the convergence of gaming, VR/XR, and Web3 technologies, and anticipating more integration of AI in content creation and a shift towards decentralized metaverse platforms.

Improbable, a renowned metaverse technology company, has announced the sale of its gaming venture, The Multiplayer Group (MPG), to Keywords Studios. The deal, valued at £76.5 million (approximately $97.1 million), marks a huge moment in the company’s strategic planning for the upcoming year.

Improbable’s decision to sell MPG is a calculated step in its broader venture strategy for 2024. Acquired in 2019 for about £30 million, MPG has now been handed over to Keywords Studios, a company known for its collaborations with major players in the gaming industry like Activision Blizzard, Bethesda, Zenimax, Epic Games, and 2K. Herman Narula, co-founder and CEO of Improbable, expressed his satisfaction with the partnership, describing Keywords as a “like-minded business partner” and expressing enthusiasm for MPG’s new journey under their guidance.

The sale is more than just a business transaction; it reflects the company’s commitment to nurturing and fostering ventures across various domains, including sports, Web3, and fashion. By divesting MPG, Improbable is positioning itself to focus more intently on these areas, aiming to create lasting value in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Improbable’s 2024 Metaverse predictions

Alongside the announcement of the sale, Improbable also released its predictions for the metaverse in 2024, offering insights into the future of the burgeoning sector. Contrary to the notion that the metaverse and Web3 might be fading trends, Narula emphasized their potential for significant growth in the coming year. He anticipates a fusion of gaming, VR/XR, and Web3 technologies driving the expansion.

Narula’s vision for 2024 includes a metaverse that will redefine virtual events. He expects a shift towards decentralized metaverse platforms, as businesses seek sovereignty and more suitable business models. The transition, he believes, will lead to an increase in experiences within decentralized environments, moving away from mere experimentation on existing platforms.

The future of gaming, Web3, and AI

Improbable’s predictions extend beyond the metaverse to encompass broader trends in gaming, Web3, and artificial intelligence. The company foresees more consolidation and streamlining within these sectors, leading to a stronger, more resilient, and cohesive startup ecosystem. The prediction aligns with the broader industry trend of integrating digital and physical experiences, particularly in gaming.

In 2023, Improbable had already begun exploring these integrations, partnering with Major League Baseball to create a virtual baseball stadium. The initiative is just a glimpse of the potential crossover experiences between the physical and digital realms that Improbable anticipates will become more prevalent.

Furthermore, the company highlights the growing role of generative AI in content creation and business applications. Peter Lipka, co-founder and chief operating officer of Improbable, pointed out the revolutionary impact of AI on business operations. He predicts that 2024 will see the emergence of AI-generated 3D interactive objects, further blurring the lines between virtual and physical realities.


Improbable’s sale of The Multiplayer Group and its predictions for 2024 reflects a strategic approach to navigating the evolving landscape of the gaming and metaverse industries. By focusing on key areas like Web3, AI, and the integration of digital and physical experiences, Improbable is positioning itself at the forefront of these transformative trends. As the industry continues to evolve, Improbable’s moves and forecasts offer valuable insights into the future of gaming, the metaverse, and technology as a whole.

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