AI in 2024: The Year We Stop Talking and Start Living It

AI in 2024: The Year We Stop Talking and Start Living It

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  • 2023 can be seen as the hype year for AI, but the coming years will be much different.
  • In 2024 and beyond, AI will fade from mainstream headlines.
  • AI will graduate from hype to a ubiquitous tool that powers part of our daily activities.

The year 2023 has unarguably marked a turning point for AI technology. AI isn’t just a technological marvel anymore; it is a force that is gradually shaping our everyday lives, our economies, and even our future. 

How AI Will Fade into the Background in 2024

In this year, AI captured the imagination of the world and dominated headlines, igniting both excitement and debate globally. From chatbots that hold nuanced conversations to algorithms cracking medical mysteries, the advancements we recorded were nothing short of astonishing. 

In 2024 and the years ahead, the trend is likely to change to a more subtle tone. 

Just like foundational technologies like desktop operating systems (OS) and cloud computing have become less talked about yet invisibly power several applications and services, AI will likely go from hype to ubiquitous tool. 

AI stories in 2024 and beyond will be quieter and more nuanced. Having gained mainstream adoption, AI is set to graduate from the front pages into the very fabric of our daily lives in the coming years. 

The Year We Start Living It

Imagine a world where AI powers your personalized music playlist, curates your newsfeed, and filters your spam so seamlessly that you never even notice. That’s the future. AI won’t be a separate entity but the invisible hand guiding our tech experiences.

Already, we are beginning to see this move play out this year, and it will intensify from here. 

“AI is already being embedded into our core technologies, and that is only accelerating,” says Mike Haney, chief information officer at Battelle Memorial Institute, as Forbes reported. “I expect AI to be woven into the very fabric of every organization and become a foundational component of every piece of technology that we’d consider adopting.”

The fading of AI from headlines isn’t about its disappearance; rather, it’s about its evolution. In the years ahead, we won’t be talking about AI – we’ll be living it. 

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