ICON and government of Seoul become a decentralised collaboration

ICON a decentralized blockchain network unveiled three products for the people of Seoul during the Blockchain International digital festival. ICON’s work for bringing South Korea into its crypto fold, have caught the eyes of the masses living in South Korea.

ICON hopes to make a secure, free and flourishing community with its efforts.

ICON Blockchain S-Coin Payments: This is a product that enables customers to purchase items by scanning its QR code. This sends the data onto their mobiles from where the customers can buy it digitally.

Blockchain Citizen ID Card: The app requires users’ photo and basic details. This allows the users to scan the given QR code to move the data onto their cell phones.

Blockchain Vote: ICON has worked with the Korean Information Society agency and its Election Commision to make this voting network that will allow citizens to vote on the network. The product is also a move towards creating a system that can conduct the next elections digitally while being secure and reliable.

Other Notable Developments

Earlier this year, ICON parted ways with Ethereum and worked to improve itself. The following month it collaborated with TRIVE to give blockchain education to the population. The aim was to deliver crypto related courses in the institute’s programming schools.

ICON wants to transform JEJU into the blockchain center of South Korea. The idea got momentum as  Seoul’s Mayor revealed a plan of investing more than $100 million to make the city a blockchain-powered Smart city. He also advised the government to use ICON’s crypto-currency in administrative networks.

Whether the Mayor’s work brings about any changes in the society remains to be seen.