Platin unveils protocol for tracking crypto-asset location in real time

Humans tend to fear things they do not understand and crypto-investments are no exception. As users cannot hold digital currency in their hands or track its location, they feel intimidated as to whether the currencies hold any real value. However, this is about to change as Platin has unveiled Proof of Location (PoL) protocol.

The service allows users to locate a digital asset at any place across the world in real time. This platform is made up of many smaller systems that allows privacy protection on a very large scale while keeping the data accessible to the owners and investors alike.

PoL provides secure locating systems to the service providing markets allowing them to give proof for all crypto-assets powered by Platin’s own PTNX coin. This enables it to become a user based location protocol all over the world. This will help in the transition from real-world trading to crypto-trading by removing the vagueness of digital currencies.

Platin has proved to be a very remarkable name in blockchain technology with the potency to revolutionize all the sectors of industry around the world. The company’s PoL is a huge leap towards attaining a secure and reliable crypto-sphere, that will, in turn, attract more investors as well as reduce the number of scams and frauds.

Platin is planning a token sale to promote the currency’s early integration. The crypto-currency along with PoL enables the validation of geographic data in the digital asset.

The sum of the currency is one billion PTNX from which around 300 million will be designated to be sold. Half of the remaining will be used to mine PoL while the other half will help in further development of the technology.