Hyundai’s Technological Advancements in Tamil Nadu


  • Hyundai Motor India integrates AI, ML, and VR in Sriperumbudur to boost efficiency and quality, setting new standards in automotive manufacturing.
  • Advanced technologies like AI-powered vision systems and deep learning enhance production processes, ensuring zero defects and superior build quality.
  • Hyundai’s commitment to safety and sustainability through initiatives like VR-based training and predictive maintenance reinforces its leadership in technological innovation.

Hyundai Motor India’s unit in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, is undergoing a significant technological transformation, integrating AI, ML, and VR into its operations. This move is aimed at enhancing efficiency, quality, and safety across its manufacturing processes. 

Integration of advanced technologies

Hyundai’s initiative to incorporate Industry 4.0 and IIoT has resulted in notable improvements, including a 5% reduction in maintenance time, complete quality traceability of critical parts, and a 1% enhancement in process quality. The integration of over 2,000 essential equipment and 1,000 intelligent sensors on the shop floor has facilitated predictive maintenance, reducing downtime and enhancing operational efficiency.

The utilization of AI and ML technologies at various divisions of the plant, such as the assembly shop, body shop, and press shop, has revolutionized production processes. AI-powered vision systems ensure zero defects in the assembly shop, while deep-learning vision systems enhance welding operations in the body shop, providing superior build quality. Additionally, AI-based panel crack detection in the press shop and surface defect identification in the engine shops contribute to maintaining high product quality standards.

Embracing virtual reality and safety measures

Hyundai’s adoption of VR-based immersive technology for employee training ensures proficiency before floor engagement. Moreover, the deployment of deep learning techniques for safety, including human entry prevention and optimization of outbound truck routes, underscores the company’s commitment to workplace safety and efficiency.

Hyundai’s future endeavors include demand forecasting, predictive maintenance, and the integration of generative AI, digital twin, and robotic process automation. Collaborations with entities like the World Economic Forum and the Tamil Nadu government’s innovation laboratory further signify the company’s commitment to advancing manufacturing practices and sustainability initiatives.

Hyundai’s relentless pursuit of technological innovation positions it as a pioneer in the automotive manufacturing industry. By leveraging AI, ML, and VR technologies, the company not only enhances operational efficiency and product quality but also underscores its commitment to safety and sustainability. As Hyundai continues to push boundaries and embrace new possibilities, it sets a benchmark for the future of manufacturing in Tamil Nadu and beyond.

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