How Unstoppable Domains Swiftly Gained Traction Within the Cryptocurrency Community

Unstoppable domains represent a unique form of domain names that leverage blockchain technology for registration and a multitude of other functionalities. Instead of relying on traditional domain name services (DNSs) like conventional websites, Unstoppable Domains utilize a blockchain-powered solution known as the Crypto Name Service (CNS).

An Unstoppable Domain is a web address that can be linked to a blockchain, diverging from the conventional approach of using domain name services (DNS) employed by traditional websites. Instead, it utilizes a blockchain-based solution called Crypto Name Service (CNS). This service enables the creation of easily understandable domain names that can be associated with cryptocurrency wallets.

In essence, Unstoppable Domains strives to replicate the functionality of the DNS system, where users are not required to be familiar with IP addresses to access websites. Similarly, in the case of Unstoppable Domains, this concept extends to crypto wallet addresses (public keys) as well.

Initially introduced in 2018, Unstoppable Domains have swiftly gained traction within the cryptocurrency community. Originally sought after for their ability to facilitate the sending and receiving of various cryptocurrencies through user-friendly addresses, as opposed to complex alphanumeric strings, these domains have now become increasingly popular for hosting regular websites and online applications.

Unstoppable Domains offer a range of noteworthy advantages that have the potential to propel them into the mainstream. However, it is essential to address significant challenges to ensure the widespread adoption of this technology.

Since its establishment in 2018, Unstoppable Domains has reportedly registered over 2.5 million addresses, showcasing its significant growth. With its decentralized name service technology, Unstoppable Domains empowers users to create self-owned, distinctive public addresses that are easy to remember. 

These domains replace lengthy wallet addresses with engaging names and crypto-centric domain extensions. For instance, names like yourname.blockchain and yournickname.bitcoin can be utilized instead of the complex 37 hexadecimal characters that comprise a Bitcoin wallet address. Currently, Unstoppable Domains’ wallet address service is supported by over 300 decentralized applications (dApps), wallets, and cryptocurrency exchanges.

While Unstoppable Domains streamline cryptocurrency transactions, their utility extends beyond that. The privacy-focused web browser Brave recently collaborated with Unstoppable Domains, enabling Brave users on desktop and Android platforms to access 30,000 decentralized websites and 700,000 blockchain domain names registered with Unstoppable Domains via integrated search bars within the browser. Unstoppable Domains’ websites are also compatible with the Opera Mini browser.

This integration means that Unstoppable Domains’ addresses serve a dual purpose as cryptocurrency wallet addresses and properly hosted internet resources. Furthermore, Unstoppable Domains websites can be uploaded to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a decentralized and collaborative technology for delivering webpages.

Unstoppable Domains Architecture

Unstoppable Domains is built on the Crypto Name Service (CNS), which consists of Ethereum smart contracts governing the creation and utilization of blockchain domains. Each CNS domain is represented as an ERC-721 token, also known as a non-fungible token (NFT). NFTs are unique and indivisible tokens commonly used to represent exclusive digital items. By utilizing the ERC-721 standard, Unstoppable Domains enables seamless integration with other applications, empowering users to manage their crypto domain ownership through compatible cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, and marketplaces.

The CNS comprises two smart contracts: the Registry contract and the Resolver contract. The Registry contract is responsible for new crypto domain and subdomain creation, as well as managing domain ownership. Importantly, the Registry contract operates without an administrator, ensuring that no entity, including Unstoppable Domains, can manage or transfer your domains without your explicit permission. 

On the other hand, the Resolver contract plays a crucial role in domain resolution, converting human-readable names into cryptocurrency addresses and storing domain records. Domains can be owned by both external addresses and smart contracts, enabling the management of blockchain domains through multisignature wallets or shared domain administration systems operated by a group of administrators.

Features of Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains encompasses a range of impressive features that enhance the functionality and control of crypto addresses. These features include:

Simplified Crypto Transactions: Bid farewell to lengthy and intricate wallet addresses. With Unstoppable Domains, all you need to do is share your domain name with the sender, and the funds will automatically be directed to your crypto wallet’s address.

Full Ownership: Unstoppable Domains grants you complete control over every domain you create. You have the authority to transfer, update, and link your domain with other decentralized services.

Blockchain-Based Infrastructure: Seamlessly transfer, update, and connect your domain with other decentralized services using Unstoppable Domains’ blockchain-based technology. Notable decentralized applications (dApps) such as Coinbase Wallet, MyEtherWallet, and OpenSea are just a few examples of platforms that are compatible with Unstoppable Domains.

Universal Web Login: Experience a streamlined Web3 ecosystem by utilizing your Unstoppable Domain as a universal login. Hundreds of integrated dApps offer a seamless user experience, and more integrations are on the horizon. In fact, certain Web2 applications like games, metaverses, and e-commerce websites already support login with Unstoppable Domains’ NFT name.

Data Protection: NFT domains provided by Unstoppable Domains serve as a shield for your personal data. By logging in with Unstoppable Domains, you gain an additional layer of privacy and security for your digital identity. You retain control over the data you choose to share with other applications.

Data Monetization: Harness the power of data management by associating your domain with the various online services you use. Unstoppable Domains allows you to decide how to manage your data, providing opportunities for monetization or exchanging it for rewards.

Extensive Integration: Unstoppable Domains offers compatibility with over 860 wallets, exchanges, dApps, and services, allowing you to link your domain to a wide range of platforms. Additionally, Unstoppable Domains’ decentralized websites are now supported by Opera and Brave browsers. Users of Chrome, Firefox, or Edge can access domains created with Unstoppable Domains by installing the Unstoppable browser plugin.

How Does Unstoppable Domains Work?

To understand how Unstoppable Domains works, it’s helpful to have some basic knowledge of cryptocurrency and Web3. Let’s break it down into two parts: the general idea behind Unstoppable Domains’ business model and specific usage instructions.

When using Unstoppable Domains, you are essentially purchasing a non-fungible token (NFT). Instead of using the term “buying from,” it is more accurate to say that once you pay for your chosen domain, the NFT representing that domain will be minted and transferred to your wallet.

This NFT is associated with your wallet address. Unstoppable Domains also provides a special interface where you can input different wallet addresses from various networks, all linked to the same crypto NFT domain.

This addresses the first important question: Can you link multiple wallets to your Unstoppable Domain? The answer is yes, but the wallets must be based on different networks.

For example, let’s say you have an Ethereum wallet and a Binance Chain wallet. These wallets have different addresses as they belong to separate networks. As you learn how Unstoppable Domains works, you can submit both wallet addresses on the platform. Whenever someone sends you tokens from either an ETH or BNB address, those tokens will automatically go to the corresponding wallet. This functionality is convenient and efficient.

Now, let’s address the question of decentralization. Unstoppable Domains itself is not a decentralized platform. It is a legitimate, established company operating within the Web3 crypto domain space, meaning it follows a centralized company hierarchy.

However, after purchasing a domain name from Unstoppable Domains, the concept becomes decentralized. Unstoppable Domains will not have access to your crypto wallet or the domain name itself. They cannot manage or revoke it, and your ownership can remain anonymous if you choose.

This is made possible through Unstoppable Domains’ unique business model. The NFT domain is minted at the time of purchase using a smart contract. The domain is then automatically transferred to your non-custodial wallet. Once you possess the domain, no one can take it from you unless you lose access to your wallet or it gets compromised.

While Unstoppable Domains operates as a centralized company, the product it offers domain NFTs is decentralized, providing you with ownership and control over your domain.

What Can You Do with Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains provides a range of features and functionalities to enhance your experience in the Web3 space. Let’s explore each of these features and how they work:

Profile Badges: Unstoppable Domains allows domain owners to display profile badges showcasing their achievements in the Web3 realm. They offer various badges based on popular projects and community suggestions, including badges for Bored Ape, Decentraland, Ethereum Early Adopter, and more. These badges appear on your profile, representing your accomplishments.

Reverse Resolution: Unstoppable Domains makes Web3 applications, wallets, games, and metaverses more personalized. You can replace your wallet address with your Unstoppable Domain across different platforms. This allows you to see your chosen domain name instead of a wallet address. Additionally, reverse resolution simplifies transaction searches, as you can search for Unstoppable Domains instead of wallet addresses.

Email Forwarding: Unstoppable Email enables you to send and receive end-to-end encrypted emails using your @ud.me email address. This allows you to communicate privately without disclosing your primary email address.

Single-Sign On for Web3: With the integration of Login with Unstoppable into over 125 dApps and projects, you can use your NFT domain as a username to log into these applications. It provides a convenient and seamless login experience.

The Unstoppable Mobile App: Unstoppable Domains offers a mobile app for iOS, allowing you to manage your domains on the go. You can mint domains directly from the app and view the wallet apps installed on your device. The app also connects to the Unstoppable Domains website, where you can manage various domain aspects, such as profiles, email forwarding, and reverse resolution.

How to Buy Unstoppable Domains: Step-By-Step Guide

Purchasing a domain from Unstoppable Domains is a straightforward process. Here’s a detailed guide:

Create an Unstoppable Domains account: Visit the Unstoppable Domains website and sign up or log in. You can connect with your wallet or create an account using your email.

Search for a domain: Use the search bar on your homepage to find available domains. You can click on “Find the perfect one” or “Get a new domain” to explore the available options. Once you find your preferred domain, click “Contact owner” to initiate the ownership transfer process.

Mint your Unstoppable Domain: The minting process transfers the domain from Unstoppable Domains’ database to the blockchain and your cryptocurrency wallet. Go to the “My Domains” section and click “Free Mint” for the purchased domain. Confirm the transaction by signing it from your wallet.

Add wallet addresses to your domain: To use your domain for cryptocurrency transactions, add your wallet addresses to your domain. In the “My Domains” section, click “Manage” for the respective domain, paste your cryptocurrency addresses in the appropriate field, and save the changes by signing the transaction from your wallet.

You can also transfer or sell your Unstoppable Domain. To transfer, enter the recipient’s wallet address in the Transfer tab. Make sure the address is hosted on a Unstoppable Domains-supported wallet. If you wish to sell your domain, you can list it on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea or Rarible.

Advantages of Unstoppable Domains

One-time registration: Upon purchasing an Unstoppable Domain, you own it indefinitely without the need for annual renewal fees.

Enhanced security: Unstoppable Domains leverage the highly secure blockchain technology, offering robust protection against brute force attacks.

Simplifies cryptocurrency transactions: You can send or receive 310 different types of cryptocurrencies using your domain name, streamlining the process of managing various digital assets.

Censorship-resistant: Unstoppable Domains cannot be blocked or taken offline through traditional methods of censorship employed by governments and companies, ensuring freedom of expression and access to information.

Native support for decentralized apps: These domains provide native support for decentralized applications (dApps), facilitating seamless integration and enhancing user experience within the decentralized ecosystem.

Disadvantages of Unstoppable Domains

Potential limited adoption: Unstoppable Domains are relatively new and may not achieve widespread popularity beyond the cryptocurrency community.

Lack of native support on all browsers: While popular web browsers like Brave and Opera natively support Unstoppable Domains, accessing them on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge currently requires an add-on, although this is likely to change in the future.

Perceived association with cryptocurrency: Unstoppable Domains are often associated primarily with cryptocurrency-related activities, although this perception is gradually evolving as their use cases expand.

Early-stage web hosting options: Hosting traditional websites on Unstoppable Domains requires specific hosting services that utilize InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). While feasible, there are currently fewer options compared to traditional web hosting solutions.


Unstoppable Domains leverage blockchain technology for domain registration and ownership. They provide user-friendly addresses and decentralized control. With over 3.6 million addresses registered, they have gained traction in the cryptocurrency community. Advantages include simplified crypto transactions, full ownership, privacy, and data protection. Integration with wallets and dApps is extensive. Challenges include limited adoption and lack of native browser support. Unstoppable Domains offer a promising alternative for domain services, but further development is needed for widespread adoption.

Unstoppable Domains represent a promising development in the domain name space, offering an alternative approach that combines blockchain technology, user-friendly addresses, and decentralized control. As the technology continues to evolve and overcome challenges, Unstoppable Domains have the potential to reshape how we interact with domains and the internet as a whole.


How long do I own an Unstoppable Domain?

Once you purchase an Unstoppable Domain, you own it indefinitely. There are no annual renewal fees, providing long-term ownership and control over your domain.

Are Unstoppable Domains secure?

Yes, Unstoppable Domains utilize blockchain technology, which is renowned for its exceptional security. It offers robust protection against brute force attacks, enhancing the overall security of your domain.

Can I use Unstoppable Domains for non-cryptocurrency purposes?

Absolutely! While Unstoppable Domains have gained popularity within the cryptocurrency community, their use cases are expanding. They can be utilized for a variety of purposes beyond cryptocurrencies, such as hosting regular websites and online applications.

Do all web browsers support Unstoppable Domains?

Currently, popular web browsers like Brave and Opera support Unstoppable Domains natively. However, some browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge require an add-on to access
Unstoppable Domains. It is expected that broader browser support will be available in the future.

How do I host a website on Unstoppable Domains?

To host a website on Unstoppable Domains, you need to use a specific type of hosting service that employs InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) technology. While the options for IPFS-based web hosting are still emerging, they provide an alternative to traditional web hosting for Unstoppable Domains.

These countries facilitate the growth of Web3 companies by providing regulatory clarity, creating sandbox environments for experimentation, offering access to funding and venture capital networks, promoting innovation through supportive programs and initiatives, and fostering collaboration between industry stakeholders.

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