How Unibright Helps Businesses Unlock the Full Potential of Blockchain Technology

In today’s competitive business environment, blockchain technology has become a key differentiator for enhancing security, transparency, and operational efficiency. However, the technical intricacies and financial challenges often deter businesses from embracing this disruptive technology. 

Unibright emerges as a streamlined solution for seamless blockchain integration in business processes. Offering a unified framework and an easy-to-use interface, Unibright simplifies the complexities of blockchain adoption. The platform’s unique features, such as automated smart contract generation and visual workflow design, enable businesses to unlock the full potential of blockchain technology with no need for coding expertise. Unibright serves as a gateway for businesses to leverage blockchain benefits in real-world applications, making it a go-to platform for blockchain-enabled business solutions. 

​​In this article, we will explore Unibright and its transformative role in bridging the gap between traditional business processes and blockchain technology. We’ll dive into its origins, the challenges it aims to solve, and the unique solutions it offers for seamless blockchain integration. From its feature-rich platform to real-world case studies and future prospects, we’ll provide a comprehensive look at how Unibright is shaping the future of blockchain-based business solutions.

What is Unibright?

Unibright is a blockchain-based platform designed to simplify the integration of blockchain technology into existing business processes. Founded in 2017 by Marten Jung and Schmidt, the platform aims to remove the technical and financial barriers that often hinder companies from adopting blockchain solutions. Unibright offers a unified framework that allows businesses to visually design workflows, generate smart contracts, and manage blockchain-based applications, all without requiring specialized coding skills.

The platform is not limited to a single blockchain technology; it’s designed to be blockchain-agnostic, providing businesses the flexibility to choose the blockchain that best fits their needs. Over the years, Unibright has evolved, participating in various hackathons and collaborating with industry leaders. It has also been a key contributor to the development of the Baseline Protocol, further solidifying its position as a pioneer in blockchain integration.

The Genesis of Unibright

Unibright emerged in 2017, founded by tech visionaries Marten Jung and Schmidt, with a mission to make blockchain technology accessible and beneficial for businesses. The platform serves as a bridge between traditional business processes and blockchain-based solutions. It offers a unified framework that allows companies to design, deploy, and manage smart contracts without requiring any coding expertise. 

Over the years, Unibright has not just remained a concept but has evolved into a robust platform. It has participated in numerous hackathons and collaborations with industry giants like Microsoft Germany, Zuhlke, and the European Space Agency. These experiences have enriched the platform’s capabilities and widened its applicability across various sectors.

Unibright has also been instrumental in the development of the Baseline Protocol, an open-source initiative that aims to facilitate secure and private business processes via the public Ethereum Mainnet. This involvement underscores the platform’s commitment to innovation and its ability to adapt and contribute to the ever-changing landscape of blockchain technology.

The Problem Unibright Aims to Solve

In today’s corporate landscape, the promise of blockchain technology is often overshadowed by the hurdles it presents for real-world application. Businesses grapple with a range of issues, from grasping the intricacies of the technology to incorporating it into their existing operational frameworks.

Technically speaking, the specialized coding skills required for blockchain can be a stumbling block for companies lacking this expertise. Moreover, the absence of a standardized approach can create integration challenges, adding another layer of complexity to the adoption equation.

From a financial standpoint, the expenses tied to implementing blockchain can be daunting. The costs of recruiting specialized staff and investing in the necessary infrastructure can serve as significant deterrents for companies contemplating blockchain adoption.

Unibright aims to tackle these challenges head-on, providing a streamlined and cost-effective avenue for businesses to seamlessly integrate blockchain into their operations. Through its unified platform and automated creation of smart contracts, Unibright eliminates both the technical and financial obstacles, making blockchain a viable and practical choice for businesses.

The Unibright Solution

Unibright ONE: A Retrospective

The introduction of Unibright ONE serves as a pivotal moment in the company’s history, significantly advancing its mission to democratize blockchain for businesses. Customer reviews have been overwhelmingly favorable, confirming the platform’s efficacy in streamlining the complexities of blockchain adoption.

One standout feature that has gained traction is Baseledger, which acts as the notarization layer. The majority of clients have chosen Baseledger for their projects, attesting to its role in ensuring data security and integrity. This not only speaks to the platform’s reliability but also sets a new benchmark in the realm of blockchain-based business applications.

In a nutshell, the triumphant rollout of Unibright ONE and the ensuing positive customer feedback, particularly regarding Baseledger, showcase the platform’s ability to tackle the obstacles companies encounter when integrating blockchain into their operations.

Features and Functionalities

Current Features

All-in-One Framework: Unibright’s all-in-one framework serves as the cornerstone of its offerings, providing a simplified route for businesses to integrate blockchain into their operations.

Drag-and-Drop Workflow Design: The platform features a drag-and-drop workflow design tool that allows even those without technical expertise to create and implement smart contracts.

Automated Smart Contracts: The platform excels in automated smart contract creation, making it effortless for businesses to adopt blockchain solutions.

Multi-Blockchain Support: One of Unibright’s standout features is its compatibility with various blockchain platforms, offering businesses the flexibility to select the technology that aligns with their specific needs.

Features on the Horizon

Enhanced Authorization Options: Unibright plans to roll out enhanced authorization options to improve both security and flexibility, allowing for more effective data access management.

Insightful Reporting Layer: An insightful reporting layer is in development, designed to offer users in-depth data analytics, thereby aiding in more informed decision-making.

Sync-Tree Visualization: Further enhancing its user interface, the platform will soon offer sync-tree visualization, helping users to better navigate and manage intricate data structures.

In a nutshell, Unibright boasts a strong suite of current features and has an impressive array of functionalities in the pipeline. Together, these make it a one-stop solution for businesses aiming for seamless blockchain integration.

Broadening the Clientele: Unibright’s Strategy

Unibright is poised for growth and aims to broaden its user base through the addition of key functionalities. One major initiative is the incorporation of tokenization capabilities into the Unibright ONE platform. This feature will enable users to transform their existing data structures, known as sync-trees, into tokens or even non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This opens up new possibilities for users to maximize the value of their digital assets.

In a move to enhance credibility and openness, Unibright is also planning to offer documentation features for third-party entities. This will empower businesses to share detailed reports with external stakeholders, such as auditors or legal authorities, thereby reinforcing Unibright ONE’s standing as a platform that offers decentralized and trustless solutions.

In essence, Unibright’s planned features aim to attract a wider audience by offering tokenization and third-party documentation, further establishing its reputation as a go-to platform for seamless blockchain integration in business processes.

Technical Deep Dive: Unibright’s Architecture

Unibright’s architecture is a masterclass in how to make blockchain technology accessible and functional for businesses. Central to this architecture are smart contracts, which serve as the building blocks for automating intricate business processes. These smart contracts are not just lines of code; they are generated through Unibright’s visual workflow design tool. This tool allows companies to create complex blockchain solutions without the need for specialized coding skills, bridging the gap between blockchain technology and practical business applications.

The platform’s blockchain-agnostic nature is another standout feature. Unibright is designed to work with multiple blockchain technologies, offering businesses the flexibility to choose the one that aligns with their specific requirements. This cross-blockchain compatibility is a significant advantage, as it future-proofs the platform against rapid technological changes and ensures that businesses can adapt to new blockchain technologies as they emerge.

Security is not an afterthought but a foundational element of Unibright’s architecture. The platform employs advanced authorization mechanisms to safeguard data and transactions. One of the upcoming features is the inclusion of API keys for authorization, adding an extra layer of security. This ensures that data is not just secure but also accessible only to those with the proper credentials, thereby minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

Scalability is another critical aspect that Unibright addresses effectively. The platform is engineered to scale seamlessly with the growth of a business. Features like Baseledger, which often serves as the notarization layer, enable the platform to handle increasing transaction volumes and data loads without sacrificing performance or security.

Moreover, Unibright is not just a standalone platform; it’s part of a broader ecosystem that includes Baseledger and the Universal Business Token (UBT). This ecosystem approach ensures that all components work in harmony, providing a comprehensive solution for blockchain-based business integration.

Industry Applications: Where Unibright Shines

Unibright’s solutions are not confined to a single industry; they have broad applications across various sectors. In healthcare, for example, Unibright’s blockchain-agnostic platform can secure patient records while enabling seamless data sharing among different healthcare providers. This not only enhances patient care but also streamlines administrative processes.

In the financial sector, Unibright can revolutionize the way transactions are conducted and recorded. From automating complex financial contracts to ensuring transparent and secure cross-border transactions, the platform offers a range of solutions that can address the industry’s most pressing challenges.

Supply chain management is another area where Unibright excels. As demonstrated in the Coca-Cola bottling case study, the platform can bring unprecedented transparency and efficiency to complex supply chains. It can track products from manufacturing to delivery, ensuring that all parties have real-time access to critical data.

Unibright’s flexibility also makes it a strong fit for the energy sector, where it can help manage smart grids, and in retail, where it can authenticate products and prevent counterfeiting. 

Practical Application Case Study: Streamlining Coca-Cola’s Supply Chain with Baselining

Unibright showcased its expertise in a landmark project aimed at optimizing Coca-Cola’s North American bottling supply chain. The goal was to improve both transparency and operational efficiency among the franchise bottlers and their network of suppliers.

CONA Services, the technology collaborator for a dozen of Coca-Cola’s largest bottlers in North America, spearheaded the project. They utilized Hyperledger Fabric on the SAP BaaS platform to achieve the project’s objectives. The ambition was to broaden the network to include not just internal bottlers but also external suppliers, thereby establishing an integrated and secure distributed network.

The pre-existing system had its share of issues, such as manual errors and unauthorized alterations to purchase orders. The Baseline Protocol offered a comprehensive solution to these challenges. It facilitated intricate, private, business process automation across organizations while maintaining corporate data in conventional record-keeping systems.

The outcome of the project was a more streamlined and transparent supply chain, marked by reduced errors and improved coordination among all involved parties. The project demonstrated the applicability of generalized zero-knowledge circuits to standard business processes, ensuring that all stakeholders were on the same page regarding authoritative document versions.

This case study stands as a robust example of what Unibright can achieve. It highlights the platform’s ability to address complex, real-world challenges by delivering secure and efficient blockchain-based solutions. The project’s success not only confirms the efficacy of Unibright’s approach but also serves as a model for future blockchain deployments in complex, multi-party settings.

Financial Landmarks: The Resounding Success of the ICO

Unibright’s ICO in May 2018 wasn’t merely a capital-raising exercise; it was a defining financial event that underscored the market’s faith in the company’s mission. Garnering $13.5 million with a starting token price of $0.14, the ICO furnished the vital funds needed to fast-track Unibright’s blockchain initiatives.

This capital boost empowered the company to channel resources into R&D and forge key alliances, thereby broadening its service offerings and clientele. The ICO’s overwhelming success also acted as a magnet for additional investments and collaborative ventures.

In essence, the ICO marked a turning point for Unibright, furnishing both the financial resources and market endorsement needed to transition from an emerging startup to a frontrunner in the realm of blockchain-based business solutions.

Marketing and Distribution Tactics: Beyond the Blockchain Hype

Unibright is well aware that the initial excitement around blockchain has faded in the corporate sector. The company is now focused on demonstrating the concrete advantages of blockchain technology, aiming to rekindle interest and spur wider adoption.

Alongside this, Unibright is keenly investigating the potential for whitelabel arrangements. This approach will enable other organizations, like consultancy firms or software development companies, to market Unibright ONE’s benefits directly to their customer base. This strategy not only broadens the accessibility of Unibright’s solutions but also ensures the inclusion of the Universal Business Token (UBT) in these business dealings.

In a nutshell, Unibright’s marketing and distribution plans aim to accentuate the real-world utility of blockchain while broadening its user base through targeted partnerships and white label opportunities.

Upcoming Milestones and Future Path: What’s Next for Unibright ONE

Unibright has laid out a well-defined timeline for the forthcoming version of its platform, known as Unibright ONE V2. Currently in the planning stages, the company is converting key tasks into actionable developer stories. The development work is scheduled for the latter half of 2023, with a full-scale launch targeted for 2024.

This new version is set to introduce a range of enhancements, developed collaboratively by Unibright’s internal team and external partners. The aim is to continually refine the platform, adding new features that span technical, business, and content-related aspects, thereby reinforcing Unibright’s standing as a go-to solution for blockchain business integration.

In essence, Unibright is gearing up for major strides with the anticipated launch of Unibright ONE V2, laying the groundwork for an even more powerful platform come 2024.


Unibright remains unwavering in its dedication to redefine how businesses integrate blockchain technology. The firm’s emphasis on delivering real-world, secure, and streamlined solutions has already set new industry standards. The strategic choices made by co-founders Marten Jung and Schmidt have been pivotal, not just in advancing the company, but also in enhancing the Universal Business Token (UBT) ecosystem.

In a nutshell, Unibright emerges as a frontrunner in the realm of blockchain business solutions, fueled by insightful leadership and a relentless focus on innovation. The firm is primed to sustain its impactful role in shaping the blockchain sector.


What is Unibright's primary focus?

Unibright aims to simplify blockchain integration for businesses, offering a unified framework that allows companies to design and launch smart contracts without coding skills.

Who are the co-founders of Unibright?

Marten Jung and Schmidt co-founded Unibright, launching the company in 2017.

What was the significance of Unibright's ICO?

The ICO raised $13.5 million in May 2018, providing essential capital for research, development, and strategic partnerships.

What is Unibright ONE and what are its upcoming features?

Unibright ONE is an integration and synchronization platform. Upcoming features include alternative authorization mechanisms, a reporting layer, and enhanced visualization for sync-trees.

How is Unibright involved in real-world blockchain projects?

Unibright played a key role in baselining Coca-Cola's North American bottling supply chain, showcasing its capabilities in solving real-world supply chain issues.

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