How surveillance capitalism is changing in the age of crypto

surveillance capitalism in the age of crypto

Different ethnicities and cultures in the globalized economy of today gather around the same interests when it comes to social media, technology, and cyber services are realizing more and more every day that use if the internet is moving towards centralization

This comes as a shock to the digital currency community, as the major driving force behind the establishment of the digital asset space was their pact against centralization. Users of cyber networks such as Google, Facebook and Amazon etc. have successfully been fooled into believing that convenience and services are provided for free.

Whereas these companies use customer data by tracking and monitoring their preferences, constructing a profile which they can share with advertisers. This assists improvements in the advertising logarithms, for better matching customers to their services and products of interest.

The crypto space and blockchain was designed to enable the operation of decentralized systems on the basis of consensus protocols and codes. Nobody is in charge of this technology and hence nobody can establish a system to force the sharing of private data in exchange for services.

This significance of privacy and security of personal data in the digital asset technology makes it a threat to surveillance capitalism, allowing people to make online transactions anonymously without having to share personal information.

Brave is a platform that protects users from third-party trackers and ads by providing a privacy-oriented browser to distort the practice of digital advertising. The advertisers pay publishers in BATs (basic attention tokens) in order to gain views for their ads.

Conversely, viewers also earn BATs when they view the ad. In this way, user data remains within the devices that are being used and publishers receive an improved return on investment due to a more incentive-based system.

Shawn Du'Mmett

Shawn Du'Mmett

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