Forging Toshara: How Massive Entertainment is Expanding the Star Wars Universe


  • Star Wars: Outlaws presents Toshara, which is a marvel of beauty with its crystalline landscape and mountain cities embodying the grandeur of this new world.
  • When the developers immerse themselves in Star Wars chronicles, they get new species, guilds, and characters for the universe.
  • The canon is still regularly refreshed by the Star Wars storytellers, albeit with cannon shifts; nevertheless, the mark is always left to impress.

Sitting in a universe where the imagination is reckless, making this work for Massive Entertainment is a mighty challenge they have embarked on and this time they are shaping a new world in the iconic Star Wars myth. Star Wars: Offering unprecedented freedom, Outlaws will be an exciting new game, giving players the novelty of a compelling story yet with a precarious unpredictability, due to the beloved franchise being rebooted with a lethal yet daring twist.

Unveiling Toshara: A World Being Fashioned out of a Crystal Maestro.

Apart from Tatooine and Hoth which remain the only must-tread paths, the hand of Massive Entertainment has decided to step beyond these by birthing a new moon named Toshara. Formerly a celestial wonder, the crystal Lamarck is incredibly impressive with its never-seen-before mountains cities and landscape where cities are carved into mountains and defies imagination.

Both Julian Gerighty; creative director of Massive Entertainment; and acquainted devotees participated in drawing the prototype of this world. “You can say it has to look this way, has to have some features which are somewhat familiar to you as to be almost seen on Earth, but they have to be twisted” – said O’Toole. “The Toshara word for it is these huge lengths of Amberite which cross all the landscapes in there; they are translucent and also to be seen within the cities.”

To wade through the Involved Mosaic of The Star Wars Canons.

Taking up an epic mission of expanding the Star Wars universe unsurprisingly is not easy but these developers at Massive Entertainment deal with it confidently. Mr Gerighty explained the highly coordinated methods through which proper lore is maintained.

Every week, we get on video conferences with [Lucasfilm] where we talk about what we want to do, not in detail, but in the sense of intentions and they test us and we get the shape of the language right, get the lore right, to make sure it becomes part of Star Wars canon.

The Ashking clan, a newborn crime syndicate, and the planet itself are now written as part of the Star Wars history, which embodies, in fact, the developers’ uninterrupted dedication to authenticity.

A combination of different and multiple characters and new worlds.

Star Wars: The Star Wars: Outlaws team will come up with a fresh and fascinating team of characters, who will be part of the diverse and vital Star Wars universe. In this game, you will be playing as Kay Vess, the “emerging scoundrel” accompanied by her cuddly and powerful pet, Nix, which is a wold wide known IP according to Gerighty, the series creator.

Along with these new crew members, the gamers will have the opportunity to pilot the Trailblazer, a unique vessel exclusively built for the game. The players will encounter all kinds of situations from befriending the dreadful underworld crime syndicates like Zerek Besh to dealing with an enmeshed web of mystery and experience.

The Future of Star Wars

But as the Star Wars universe has gone through various boluses of transformation during the years and keeps changing the canon, the efficiency and duty of its storytellers still hold. Thus, Mr. Gerighty beautifully put it, “The greatest punch of this property is that we all work on small items that gradually turn to the formation of the whole.”

Star Wars: August thirty, 2024, Outlaws is to be this world-renowned series’ representative, as well as the imagination of its creators their limit of boundless expression. Whether this is the snowy and crystalline planet of Toshara or a series of expeditions through which players will have to interact with mysterious characters, fans can expect a journey that will ultimately seal itself into the Star Wars canon.

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