Hounax Crypto Exchange Defrauds 145 Users in Hong Kong

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  • Hong Kong authorities have confirmed a scam involving the unlicensed Hounax crypto exchange, resulting in 145 victims losing a total of $18.9 million.
  • The incident has prompted a tightening of crypto regulations in Hong Kong, echoing the need for enhanced investor protection in the digital currency market.

In a shocking revelation, Hong Kong authorities have confirmed that 145 users fell victim to a scam perpetrated by the unlicensed cryptocurrency exchange Hounax, leading to a staggering loss of 148 million Hong Kong dollars (approximately $18.9 million).

The incident has sent ripples through the crypto community and raised serious concerns about the safety and regulation of digital currency exchanges.

Details of the Hounax Scam

The scam came to light following a report by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) on November 27. The SFC disclosed that it had received 18 complaints about the exchange, with individual losses ranging from 12,000 HKD ($1,539) to a massive 10 million HKD ($1.2 million). The local police held an initial press conference on November 25 to inform the public about the fraudulent activities of the Hounax platform.

Hounax, which falsely claimed to be a licensed platform cooperating with legal financial institutions, had been flagged by the SFC as early as November 1, when it was listed as a suspicious platform. Despite the warning, the exchange continued to operate and lure unsuspecting customers. It allegedly attracted local customers by falsely claiming that it was founded by the original technical team from Coinbase, had a license from Canadian authorities, and was considering investments from renowned firms like Sequoia Capital and IDG Capital.

The chief inspector of the Commercial Crime Investigation Section of the Hong Kong Police, Ke Yongn, revealed that the platform extensively used social media to attract victims. However, following the exposure of the scam, the official Facebook page of Hounax is no longer accessible.

Comparisons with previous crypto scandals

The incident is not an isolated case in Hong Kong’s cryptocurrency landscape. Earlier in 2023, the JPEX exchange was involved in a major scandal, with local authorities receiving over 2,000 complaints from its users, leading to reported losses of around $180 million. In the wake of the scandal, 66 individuals were arrested.

The similarities between the Hounax and JPEX cases are striking, with both exchanges employing deceptive tactics to lure investors and subsequently defrauding them. These incidents have highlighted the vulnerabilities in the crypto market and the urgent need for stricter regulatory oversight to protect investors.

Regulatory response and future implications

In response to these fraudulent activities, Hong Kong regulators are reportedly tightening regulations on cryptocurrency exchanges to prevent similar incidents in the future. Despite these efforts, the SFC has stated that the country’s one-year grace period for crypto exchanges to comply with new regulations will remain unchanged.

These developments are a wake-up call for the crypto industry in Hong Kong and globally. They underscore the importance of due diligence by investors and the need for robust regulatory frameworks to safeguard against such scams. As the digital currency market continues to evolve, the balance between innovation and investor protection remains a critical challenge for regulators and industry stakeholders alike.


The Hounax scam serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with unregulated cryptocurrency exchanges. It highlights the need for increased vigilance among investors and a concerted effort by authorities to clamp down on fraudulent activities in the crypto space. As the industry matures, it is hoped that such incidents will become less frequent, paving the way for a more secure and trustworthy digital currency ecosystem.

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