Hong Kong’s SFC intensifies its war against illegal exchanges


  • Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission has intensified its war against illegal exchanges by going after HKCEXP.
  • Regulatory measures and investor protection.

The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (SFC) recently issued an alert concerning HKCEXP, a suspicious trading platform falsely claiming registration with the regulator. This development coincided with the SFC’s deadline for crypto exchanges to seek operational licenses, imposing a deadline of May 31 for those failing to comply.

Hong Kong’s SFC issues alert concerning HKCEXP

The SFC received license applications from 22 crypto trading platforms, including four that had previously operated under the SFC’s opt-in regime for crypto trading platforms. Despite efforts to publicize this information, Hong Kong continues to grapple with identifying and addressing fraudulent entities posing as legitimate crypto exchanges.

The alert against HKCEXP highlights how investors were misled by its false claim of being an “SFC-registered business.” Upon investigation, the SFC discovered that HKCEXP provided a fake Hong Kong address for registration and charged excessive fees for fund withdrawals, adversely affecting investors.

In response, the SFC initiated a public list of crypto platforms granted operational licenses, aiming to raise awareness about safe crypto trading practices and distinguish licensed entities from unauthorized ones. Crypto exchanges failing to apply for licenses now operate with limited capabilities and are barred from marketing activities within Hong Kong.

Regulatory measures and investor protection

This regulatory action underscores the SFC’s commitment to transparency, investor protection, and a secure environment for crypto trading in Hong Kong’s financial sector. Regulators globally face similar challenges in combating crypto-related fraud amid increasing popularity and adoption. Instances of fake exchanges and scams highlight the need for robust regulatory frameworks and heightened vigilance in the crypto industry.

Investors are advised to exercise caution, conduct due diligence, verify regulatory status, and legitimacy of claims, and review user feedback before engaging with any crypto platform or investment opportunity. Education and awareness campaigns are crucial in empowering investors to navigate crypto investments safely.

The SFC’s proactive measures against HKCEXP serve as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to maintain integrity and trust in the crypto market, ensuring a level playing field for investors and contributing to the long-term sustainability of the crypto ecosystem in Hong Kong and beyond.

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