Hong Kong to Expand Surveillance Camera Network Amidst Privacy Concerns


  • Hong Kong plans to add 615 new surveillance cameras to high-traffic areas to tackle rising crime.
  • This move follows global trends, with other cities having far more cameras per square mile.
  • To gain public trust, Hong Kong must ensure transparency and address privacy concerns amidst its smart city ambitions.

In response to rising crime rates, the Hong Kong police have unveiled plans to bolster the city’s surveillance infrastructure by installing 615 new cameras. This move, announced in February 2024, targets areas with high crime figures and pedestrian traffic. Moreover, integrating artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into these surveillance systems is possible, marking a significant technological advancement in law enforcement.

Global surveillance landscape

While privacy concerns have been raised, Deputy Chief Secretary Warner Cheuk justified the initiative by citing global precedents. Hong Kong’s surveillance density pales in comparison to other major cities worldwide. According to a 2023 report by Comparitech, cities like Delhi, Seoul, and Singapore have far more surveillance cameras per square mile. In mainland China, cities like Shenzhen, Wuhan, and Shanghai top the list, highlighting a widespread trend of increased surveillance worldwide.

The push for expanded surveillance in Hong Kong reflects broader trends in government technology initiatives. The concept of smart cities, driven by technological advancements, is gaining momentum globally. However, public support hinges on effective communication and transparency from authorities. Amidst political tensions and societal divides, the challenge lies in fostering public trust and political legitimacy.

A critical aspect of garnering support for smart city initiatives is constructing policy narratives that resonate with the public. Technocratic narratives emphasizing expertise and scientific knowledge are common strategies employed by governments. However, they face challenges from both ends of the political spectrum. Populist movements on the right and concerns about bias on the left undermine the notion of technocratic impartiality.

Challenges and opportunities ahead

Hong Kong must navigate the complex interplay between evolving technologies, public sentiments, and governmental control as it embarks on its smart city journey. While the promise of improved services and operational efficiency is enticing, it must not overshadow the importance of public trust and inclusive communication. In an era where technological advancements outpace societal readiness, Hong Kong must tread carefully to ensure that its smart city aspirations align with the needs and desires of its citizens.

The expansion of surveillance in Hong Kong underscores the broader trend of governments leveraging technology to address security concerns. While advancements in AI present new opportunities for law enforcement, they also raise significant questions about privacy and civil liberties. As Hong Kong navigates its smart city journey, it must prioritize public trust and political legitimacy to ensure that technological advancements serve the interests of its citizens.

Original story from: https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/law-and-crime/article/3251776/hong-kong-police-chief-raymond-siu-backs-government-plan-install-2000-surveillance-cameras

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