Hollywood Talent Agencies Partner with AI Firms to Combat Deepfake Threats

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  • Hollywood agencies partner with Loti to stop fake videos and images of stars online.
  • Loti’s AI finds and removes unauthorized content featuring celebs fast.
  • Endeavor and WME team up with AI firms to protect against theft in showbiz.

Hollywood talent agencies are ramping up their efforts to protect celebrities from the proliferation of misleading and manipulated images and videos driven by advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. 

The rise of deepfakes—false videos and pictures depicting individuals in scenarios they never participated in—poses a significant risk to celebrities’ brands and businesses. In response, talent agency WME has announced a strategic partnership with Loti, a Seattle-based firm specializing in AI-powered software to detect and remove unauthorized content featuring clients’ likenesses from the internet.

Partnership with Loti to safeguard celebrities’ images

Under the partnership, Loti’s technology swiftly identifies unauthorized content featuring clients’ images and sends takedown requests to online platforms. By leveraging AI algorithms, Loti can detect deepfakes and other manipulated media, providing a proactive approach to protecting celebrities’ reputations. Chris Jacquemin, WME partner and head of digital strategy, emphasized the importance of technological solutions in addressing the deepfake problem, calling it “the worst game of whack-a-mole you are going to play” without proper AI assistance.

While AI presents opportunities for efficiency and innovation in the entertainment industry, it also raises concerns about job displacement and intellectual property theft. Last summer’s strikes by the Writers Guild of America and actors guild SAG-AFTRA highlighted the need for better protections against AI-generated content. With deepfakes becoming increasingly sophisticated, agencies use AI tools to counteract malicious actors online and safeguard their clients’ interests.

Loti’s approach to deepfake detection

Loti co-founder Luke Arrigoni explained that their technology relies on clients providing photos and audio clips to identify unauthorized content. Loti’s software scans the web for infringing material and promptly notifies clients, enabling them to take appropriate action. Arrigoni emphasized that contrary to the belief that once something is on the internet, it’s there forever, Loti’s technology can effectively combat the proliferation of deepfakes.

The partnership between WME and Loti follows Endeavor’s previous collaborations with AI-related companies to protect clients against intellectual property theft. With concerns mounting over the potential misuse of AI models trained on copyrighted works, Hollywood agencies are taking proactive measures to mitigate risks. Loti is currently self-funded and raising additional capital to support its operations and further develop its AI technology.

As deepfake technology evolves, Hollywood talent agencies prioritize protecting their clients’ reputations and business interests. By leveraging AI-powered solutions like Loti’s software, agencies can detect and combat unauthorized content more effectively, minimizing the impact of malicious actors on celebrities’ brands. As the entertainment industry grapples with the challenges posed by AI, strategic partnerships between talent agencies and AI firms offer a promising avenue for safeguarding against the proliferation of deepfakes.

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