Get ready for this season’s Halloween token sales

Get ready for this seasons Halloween token sales

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Halloween token sales are getting hotter this season. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is perhaps the biggest scare in the crypto realm. Keeping this fact in mind, Halloween becomes the best time to launch non-fungible tokens. And this Halloween season will be no different!

Olive Allen, Decadent owner, says she will sell her collection of 13 digital assets on her website. She says the number 13 has a sense of spookiness to it. This will be her first outing, but she is planning more soon if this one performs well. Future sales may happen on Christmas eve to mark certain important dates.

Dark NFTs are sure going to be the flavor of the season as we expect more such spooky tokens to go on sale. Themes of Halloween token sales may range from decentralization to net neutrality. Collaboration with celebrities is also on the cards for many similar projects.

More blockchains in line for Halloween token sales

Many other blockchain firms have similar plans for the festive season and wish to introduce rare projects to their customers. Lucid Sight CEO, Randy Saaf, says that video games popularity rises during Halloween. Now, the firm is thinking of adding crypto elements to their concepts. In 2018, the firm sold Halloween themed ships in an auction backed by crypto payment gateways. This year too, they plan to undertake similar auctions (featuring Star Trek ships) and follow the crypto route.

CryptoKitties, another gaming firm, also share similar plans but with a twist. CryptoKitties allows users to ‘breed’ their digital cats and are credited with introducing the idea of collectible items in the crypto realm. They will offer an opportunity of breeding rare cats to its customers. Their platform was created on Ethereum as the basis. Their popular cats include ‘mallowflower,’ ‘Furmione,’ poisonberry,’ ‘firstblush,’ and ‘spangled.’

Blockchain Cuties will also offer a range of new kitties this Halloween. They are beginning their new session of adopting, breeding, and playing in groups this week. Last year, the firms released ‘Bone Dragon Army,’ which was quite popular among its fan base. No wonder all these will add new colors to the season’s Halloween token sales.

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