Goldman Sachs fires 125 managing directors

Goldman Sachs fires 125 managing directors

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  • Goldman Sachs is cutting around 125 managing director positions globally amid a deals slump.
  • This downsizing is part of a broader cost-saving drive, with three rounds of job cuts happening within a year.
  • The job reductions are happening amidst a faltering deal-making climate, leading to decreased fees.
  • The firm’s bet on consumer banking has backfired, damaging its prestigious brand and causing financial losses.

Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s most respected banking giants, is engaging in a notable shift of strategy as it faces the realities of a rapidly changing global market landscape.

Approximately 125 managing directors are slated to lose their jobs in this latest round of downsizing, as the firm copes with a notable drop in its deals.

Surge turns into sputter: The impact of a cooling market

This job reduction event encompasses managing directors from several departments, including investment banking.

These dismissals have not all taken place yet, marking a significant personnel change in Goldman Sachs, which has undergone a minimum of three job cutting phases within the year.

Just a couple of years ago, Goldman Sachs, along with other banking institutions, had ramped up hiring due to a surge in M&A and initial public offerings. However, the recent downturn in deal-making has left these firms grappling with a decrease in fees, leading to these job cuts.

Goldman Sachs is not alone in these measures. JPMorgan Chase & Co. is said to be letting go of approximately 40 investment bankers, and Citigroup Inc. also has a similar plan in action, intending to cut about 50 jobs in its London-based investment and corporate banks.

Shifting fortunes and a wounded prestige

Goldman Sachs’ bold wager on consumer banking has forced the firm into a swift retreat, exemplified by the possible sale of GreenSky, which was bought just two years ago for $2.4 billion.

This development has caused more than just financial setbacks; it has resulted in a significant blow to the brand’s prestigious image.

Any potential loss on the GreenSky sale would merely compound the already significant losses stemming from its consumer banking venture. This failure has had dual ramifications, first by countering significant gains in other divisions, and secondly by tarnishing Goldman’s prestigious image.

The ripple effect of these losses was felt most notably when Goldman Sachs slashed the 2022 bonus pool for partners, a move that left many top performers feeling underserved, with the consumer business taking the brunt of the blame.

Goldman Sachs’ reputation took another hit when The Economist ran a cover story titled “The humbling of Goldman Sachs,” causing quite a stir among company insiders.

CEO David Solomon, known for his sharp tactics, has been at the helm during this challenging time, and his leadership style has been under scrutiny, adding to the firm’s woes.

However, Goldman Sachs has reiterated that the turnover rate is low, and the average tenure of partners has been increasing.

The firm has seen the departure of some key figures such as Dina Powell McCormick, Gregg Lemkau, and Stephen Scherr, among others.

Their exit symbolizes not just the loss of talent, but it could also give rise to influential voices outside Goldman Sachs, which might pose an additional challenge for Solomon.

The recent job cuts at Goldman Sachs underscore a critical shift in the firm’s operations and strategic outlook. They also highlight the broader shifts happening within the banking industry as organizations adapt to a changing global economic landscape.

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