PM Unveils Ambitious Plan to Globalize Hangeul’s Value in the AI Age


  • Prime Minister Han Duck-soo outlines the government’s commitment to prepare for the era of artificial intelligence and emphasizes efforts to share the value of Hangeul globally.
  • Han envisions Hangeul becoming a global language that leads the age of artificial intelligence, highlighting its unique characteristics and relevance in the digital age.
  • The government aims to increase the number of King Sejong Institutes globally to 350 facilities by 2027, promoting Korean culture and language on an international scale.

In a significant revelation at the Sejong Arts Center, Prime Minister Han Duck-soo, through Interior Minister Lee Sang-min, disclosed the government’s proactive stance in gearing up for the artificial intelligence era. The focus is on disseminating the value of Hangeul, with Han expressing his ambition for the Korean alphabet to play a pivotal role in the global landscape of artificial intelligence.

Hangeul’s global prominence in the AI age

In a visionary address, Prime Minister Han Duck-soo unveiled the government’s strategic roadmap to embrace the challenges and opportunities presented by the impending age of artificial intelligence. Emphasizing the unique attributes of Hangeul, he highlighted its distinct position as the only alphabet in the world with a known creator, principle of creation, and a well-defined philosophy. Han underscored the recent recognition of Hangeul as the most suitable character set for the digital age, citing its increasing utilization in domestic and international businesses providing Korean language services.

The prime minister expressed his awe at witnessing Hangeul and its alphabet being employed in the development of large language models within the field of artificial intelligence. Without explicitly quoting, he conveyed his surprise and admiration for the language’s adaptability and the global interest it has garnered.

Han’s forward-looking approach includes positioning Hangeul as a global language that will lead the era of artificial intelligence. By promoting its attributes and significance, the government aims to influence businesses worldwide to adopt Korean language services and build artificial intelligence environments based on the Korean language. This, according to Han, marks a groundbreaking step toward realizing Hangeul’s potential on the global stage.

Expanding cultural influence through education

Beyond the realm of technology, Prime Minister Han emphasized the importance of spreading Korean culture internationally. The government’s commitment extends to expanding the network of King Sejong Institutes, which teach Korean language and culture, to 350 global facilities by 2027. This ambitious plan aims to facilitate a deeper understanding of Korea’s rich heritage, further strengthening the global influence of Hangeul and Korean culture.

While Prime Minister Han is abroad campaigning for Busan’s World Expo bid, his vision for Hangeul’s global prominence in the age of artificial intelligence resonates at home. The government’s multifaceted approach, encompassing technological integration and cultural dissemination, reflects a comprehensive strategy to position Korea at the forefront of the evolving global landscape.

Prime minister Han’s vision

Prime Minister Han Duck-soo’s visionary announcement marks a pivotal moment in Korea’s trajectory toward global prominence. As the world stands at the precipice of the artificial intelligence age, Han’s strategic foresight and commitment to sharing the value of Hangeul position Korea at the forefront of linguistic and cultural innovation. The unique attributes of Hangeul, celebrated as the only alphabet with a known creator and a distinct philosophy, find resonance in the digital era, making it the apt choice for the technological landscape ahead.

Han’s aspiration for Hangeul to become a global language is not merely a linguistic ambition but a profound cultural endeavor. The government’s dedication to expanding Korean language education through the proliferation of King Sejong Institutes worldwide underscores a holistic approach to cultural diplomacy. By fostering a deeper understanding of Korea’s language and heritage, these institutes contribute to a harmonious intercultural exchange in an increasingly interconnected world.

As Prime Minister Han embarks on diplomatic missions to France, Denmark, Croatia, and Greece, his vision reverberates globally. The fusion of technological prowess, cultural richness, and linguistic uniqueness positions Korea as a beacon in the evolving narrative of the artificial intelligence age. In the backdrop of Han’s strategic unveiling, Korea emerges not just as an economic powerhouse but as a cultural and linguistic trailblazer, ready to shape the discourse of the future.

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