Global Web3 adoption accelerates as MetaMask partners with six countries

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  • MetaMask announces Web3 partnerships in Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, and Chile, integrating with local payment platforms to enhance user accessibility.
  • The cryptocurrency wallet service expands support for local transfers in Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, and South Korea through alliances with Unlimit and TransFi.

MetaMask, a renowned software cryptocurrency wallet, has significantly forged new partnerships in six countries: Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, and Chile to foster the Web3 ecosystem. This move extends MetaMask’s reach and signals a strategic shift towards embracing the burgeoning potential of Web3 in diverse markets.

Localized collaborations: Empowering users worldwide

MetaMask collaborated with various payment platforms in these countries to cater to the distinct needs of local markets. In Vietnam, the partnerships are with VietQR and Mobile Money; GCash in the Philippines; QRIS in Indonesia; Thai QR in Thailand; Vodafone Cash in Egypt; and Webpay in Chile. These alliances are tailored to provide users in these regions with localized cryptocurrency transaction options, facilitating greater accessibility and convenience​​​​.

Enhancing local transfers and Web3 integration

Further expanding its scope, MetaMask has also augmented its services to support local transfers in Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, and South Korea. This enhancement is made possible through strategic alliances with Unlimit, a borderless payment solution, and TransFi. These partnerships aim to offer local crypto payment and transfer options within the MetaMask wallet, making the Web3 experience more inclusive and user-friendly for people irrespective of their geographical location​​​​.

MetaMask’s expansion and integration efforts represent a significant step in the evolution of the Web3 ecosystem. By establishing partnerships with local providers and enhancing the ease of local transfers, MetaMask is expanding its user base and contributing to the global adoption and normalization of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. 

This strategy aligns with the overarching vision of Web3. Through such initiatives, MetaMask is playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of digital finance, ensuring that it remains accessible and relevant to users around the globe.

MetaMask recently faced transaction challenges for mobile users using version 7.9.0. To address this, they released a bug fix on November 15. The wallet provider urged mobile users to upgrade to the newest version, 7.10.0, for enhanced security. In a November 14 announcement, MetaMask clarified that the problem with the prior version affected only a select group of users.

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