Rapper Ghostface Killah set to release music on the Bitcoin blockchain

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  • Famous Rapper of the Wu-Tang Clan has announced the launch of his music-themed Ordinal Inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain.
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Ghostface Killah, a prominent member of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, recently made headlines with his announcement of launching a collection of music-themed Ordinal Inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain. This collaboration, marking a fusion of hip-hop culture and blockchain technology, has sparked interest and excitement within both the cryptocurrency and music communities.

Ghostface Killah to roll out Ordinal-based music

Dennis David Coles, known professionally as Ghostface Killah, originated from New York City and has established himself as a pioneer in the rap scene. His partnership in this project involves notable entities such as Nakamotos on BTC, creators of the NakaPepes Collection, Rare Scrilla, and the Ordinals inscription platform OrdinalsBot.

This strategic alliance aims to introduce Ghostface Killah’s tracks to the Bitcoin network through innovative NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology. Ghostface Killah expressed his enthusiasm for the Bitcoin space, referring to himself as a Bitcoin OG—a term used to describe early adopters and enthusiasts of the cryptocurrency. He reminisced about his involvement in platforms like Counterparty and FakeRares, highlighting his preference for these platforms over more mainstream alternatives like Opensea.

This preference underscores his appreciation for the authenticity and culture embedded in these older digital collectible projects. While Ghostface Killah did not disclose specific details regarding the release date of the music-themed Ordinal Inscriptions or the process for participation, insights shared on the Ordistorians Telegram channel, linked from the Nakamotos on BTC Twitter account, suggest that acquiring a NakaPepe v2 inscription may be the key to involvement.

Advancement and future possibilities

The NakaPepes collection is slated to feature 10,000 Ordinal inscriptions that can be minted at no cost, each carrying a Creative Commons license. Currently, these inscriptions are valued at 0.000898 BTC on Magic Eden, equivalent to approximately $60. Toby Lewis, head of Strategy at OrdinalsBot, expressed his excitement about collaborating with Ghostface Killah and the NakaPepes collection to bring more art and music to the Bitcoin blockchain. He highlighted the advancements in the Ordinals protocol, particularly the introduction of recursive inscriptions through the BRC-69 standard launched in July.

Recursive inscriptions enable users to extract data from existing inscriptions to create new ones, facilitating the inclusion of high-quality audio on the Bitcoin blockchain. This technological leap opens up possibilities for incorporating software, smart contracts, video games, music, and even movies on the Bitcoin network. In a notable collaboration, OrdinalsBot recently partnered with Marathon Digital, a prominent Bitcoin mining firm, to mint the largest Ordinals inscription to date, named the Runestone.

This substantial collectible, weighing 3.97MB, required two full blocks to complete its inscription. Lewis sees achievements like this as significant milestones towards a future where the Bitcoin blockchain evolves beyond its financial roots, becoming a versatile platform for hosting and distributing various forms of digital content. Ghostface Killah’s foray into NFTs and blockchain technology represents a convergence of artistic expression and digital innovation.

This initiative not only adds cultural depth to the blockchain space but also showcases the potential for artists to leverage blockchain technology for distributing, protecting, and monetizing their creative works in novel and engaging ways. As the worlds of music and blockchain continue to intersect, collaborations like these pave the way for exciting developments at the intersection of technology and art.

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