Gemini announces settlement for earning users’ crypto assets


  • Gemini will return all digital assets to Earn users affected by Genesis bankruptcy, including gains.
  • Settlement exceeds $1.8 billion in crypto, surpassing frozen assets by $700 million.
  • Community and industry applaud the agreement, boosting trust in cryptocurrency exchanges.

In a significant development for users affected by the collapse of Genesis, the parent company of the Earn program, cryptocurrency exchange Gemini has revealed an impending agreement to return digital assets to its Earn users. 

The announcement on February 28, 2024, offers hope to those impacted by the bankruptcy. It outlines a plan to reimburse users with their original assets, including any appreciation accrued since lending them into the Earn program.

Details of the settlement

Gemini’s statement assures Earn users that they will receive “100% of their digital assets back in kind,” marking a substantial step towards rectifying the financial losses incurred during the Genesis collapse. 

Under the terms of the agreement, users can expect a return of over $1.8 billion worth of cryptocurrencies, surpassing the frozen assets’ value by $700 million. This restitution is a testament to Gemini’s commitment to its users’ financial well-being, particularly amid unprecedented market volatility and regulatory challenges.

Implications for earning users

The proposed settlement offers a ray of hope for Earn users, promising a comprehensive recovery of their assets. With the assurance of receiving their original assets and any accrued appreciation, users can anticipate a fair resolution to the challenges faced since the Genesis collapse. 

This development provides financial relief and restores confidence in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, demonstrating the resilience of reputable exchanges in safeguarding user interests.

Community response and industry impact

The announcement has elicited widespread approval from the cryptocurrency community, underscoring the significance of this resolution amidst the industry’s rapid evolution. Conor Grogan, a director at Coinbase, hailed the news as “massive” for the industry, emphasizing its positive implications for retail investors. 

Similarly, Ram Ahluwalia, the co-founder and CEO of Lumida, acknowledged the unique circumstances faced by Gemini Earn users, highlighting the fortunate outcome of being “forced long” on a high-performing asset class.

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