GalaxyPad: A Decentralized Infrastructure for NFT Games and Metaverse Projects

Blockchain-based games with NFTs and metaverse can already be considered the hottest crypto trend of 2022. NFTs and P2E games prove beyond any doubt that blockchain technology can be fun and easy to understand, and they help to introduce millions of newcomers to the fascinating world of crypto. GalaxyPad aims to accelerate this process even further by building a revolutionary IDO platform designed specifically with NFT games and metaverse projects in mind. But what is GalaxyPad exactly, and what’s so unique about it?

What Is GalaxyPad?

GalaxyPad is a groundbreaking, fully decentralized cross-chain infrastructure designed to empower developer teams and project owners to launch NFT games and metaverse projects easier than ever before.

The goal of GalaxyPad is creating a fair, transparent, secure and inclusive environment that would enable millions of new people to discover NFTs, P2E games and metaverse. By providing developers with next-generation tools designed specifically with NFTs and metaverse in mind, GalaxyPad will help to advance the global adoption of these revolutionary technologies.

GalaxyPad was made to solve some of the most serious issues with the current crypto launchpad, such as limitation to a single blockchain, high cost of participation, and the lack of fairness and transparency. Because of these problems, launching a promising crypto project used to be a tiresome, inefficient and costly process.

GalaxyPad changes this situation completely. By empowering project owners with a powerful set of innovative tools, launching NFT games and metaverse projects becomes easier than ever before. GalaxyPad provides teams with cross-chain support, fairness and transparency, all at a very accessible cost compared to other IDO launchpads in the ecosystem.

The GalaxyPad Ecosystem

In order to provide the developers with a next generation infrastructure for launching NFT games and metaverse projects, GalaxyPad has created a powerful set of tools, which combined together make up the most powerful NFT and metaverse focused environment in the blockchain ecosystem.

The core element of GalaxyPad is the Launchpad, which enables decentralized crowdfunding for NFT games and metaverse projects by hosting IDOs and IGOs in an accessible, transparent and cost-efficient way.

In order to make launching a project even easier, GalaxyPad also includes Planet Incubation – a complex support platform that helps the developers to launch successful projects by assisting them with expertise, experience and technical knowledge.

An important part of the GalaxyPad ecosystem is the PlanetDAO. Thanks to this Decentralized Autonomous Organization, the community of GalaxyPad supporters can have control over the development of GalaxyPad.

But that’s not all! Features such as Planet Marketplace and Planet Farm empower you to easily trade NFTs and earn passive yield, and in the future the GalaxyPad ecosystem will be expanded by the launch of Galaxy Kingdom – one of the most advanced Play to Earn games ever created!

GalaxyPad Token

The GalaxyPad Token (GXPAD) is the native utility token powering the entire GalaxyPad ecosystem. The main functions of the GXPAD token are incentivization, governance, project development, and platform fees.

Staking GXPAD tokens allows for participation in projects within the GalaxyPad ecosystem. The longer the staking period and the higher the staked amount, the more influence you will earn.

Staking GalaxyPad tokens also enables you to gain voting rights in the PlanetDAO. As GalaxyPad transitions to a full DAO governance model, your GXPAD tokens will empower you with the ability to control the direction in which the project evolves.

Another benefit of holding GXPAD tokens are the various discounts it grants in the Planet Marketplace. By using GXPAD tokens, investors will be able to trade unique NFTs with very low fees.

The GXPAD tokenomics are designed to maximally benefit all the participants in the GalaxyPad ecosystem. The GalaxyPad token has a fixed total supply of 100,000,000 GXPAD tokens, making it a deflationary crypto asset expected to appreciate in price as the time goes on.

Distributing most of the tokens to the community helps to guarantee that GalaxyPad remains a decentralized and democratic project, while dedicating some of the supply for marketing efforts is intended to help the project gain fast adoption and global recognition in a short time.

Join the GalaxyPad Ecosystem Now!

NFT games and metaverse projects are becoming more and more popular with every passing day, and they are among the most rapidly expanding and evolving blockchain-based solutions. The potential of this multi-billion dollar exciting industry waits for you – join the GalaxyPad community now and discover hundreds of fascinating NFT and metaverse projects!

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