Fujitsu Unveils Groundbreaking AI Customization Technology


  • Fujitsu unveils groundbreaking AI tech, letting users easily tweak AI solutions to suit their needs without expert help.
  • The new system reduces the time needed to create AI models by up to 95%, empowering users with natural language input.
  • Fujitsu collaborates with Palantir for enhanced AI solutions, making AI more adaptable for businesses.

In a significant technological leap, Fujitsu has announced a cutting-edge innovation that promises to revolutionize the landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. With the introduction of groundbreaking technology for automated AI solution generation, Fujitsu is setting the stage for a new era in AI customization. This development, set to debut via the “Fujitsu Kozuchi,” code-named Fujitsu AI Platform, is a game-changer for users seeking tailored AI solutions.

Empowering users with customizable AI innovations

Fujitsu’s Kozuchi AI platform, launched earlier this year in April, has already delivered powerful, ready-made AI and machine learning (ML) technologies to its users. With this latest technological breakthrough, the company is taking customization to a new level. Users can now modify and customize AI solutions on the platform using natural language input without the need for expert knowledge or AI engineers’ support.

This move is particularly impactful for optimization problems in production scheduling, where the new technology can reduce the man-hours required for AI model creation by a staggering 95%. It empowers users to fine-tune AI innovation components and tailor them precisely to their unique business needs.

Automated AI technologies for enhanced problem-solving

Fujitsu’s newly developed technology is poised to create AI technologies automatically for optimization, prediction, and the detection of product anomalies. Customers can access the optimal solutions for complex challenges by combining different AI innovation components.

The technology is integral to Fujitsu’s Composite AI framework, designed to tackle increasingly intricate problems by combining various AI components for functions such as demand forecasting and production scheduling. Moreover, Fujitsu is collaborating with Palantir Technologies Inc. to extend this framework to external platforms, further contributing to realizing a sustainable society where AI adapts and responds to evolving business and societal needs.

Addressing industry challenges

The impetus for this development stems from real-world challenges faced by businesses. Fujitsu’s Kozuchi AI Platform, with its cutting-edge AI innovation components and AI core engines, offered a quicker path to applying AI in business operations. However, Fujitsu recognized that customers needed the ability to further adjust these components to meet their specific business demands promptly.

Previously, manual adjustments and modifications by AI engineers often led to extended lead times for delivering completed AI solutions to customers. To address this issue, Fujitsu’s new technology enables customers to modify AI innovation components provided through the Kozuchi platform using natural language input.

The power of natural language input

The newly developed technology leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) to interpret programs and mathematical expressions, generating solutions that align with customers’ requirements in a graphical format. This approach empowers users to create expert-level mathematical expressions and train AI models using graph data.

This level of flexibility facilitates the automatic creation of tailored AI models, covering a spectrum of needs, including prediction, optimization, and anomaly detection. Users can seamlessly iterate through prototyping, modifications, and adjustments of AI solutions through natural language commands, all without necessitating advanced AI engineering skills.

Collaboration with Palantir Technologies Inc.

Fujitsu is taking its commitment to innovation a step further through a collaboration with Palantir Technologies Inc. By leveraging Palantir’s Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP), Fujitsu enhances its capacity to solve complex problems for businesses securely and effectively. AIP enables the utilization of securely hosted large-language models, empowering users to find the best models for their data and business challenges.

Through the partnership, users can automatically build and train models, accelerating the deployment of these models for their business operations and planning. This collaboration is a testament to Fujitsu’s dedication to providing customers with comprehensive solutions that optimize AI’s potential.

A future of customized AI solutions

Fujitsu’s latest technology represents a significant stride in the evolution of AI. It empowers users to take AI customization into their own hands, enhancing problem-solving capabilities and reducing reliance on expert support. The introduction of natural language input for AI customization is poised to accelerate AI adoption across industries, ultimately fostering a more adaptive and responsive AI ecosystem.

As Fujitsu prepares to roll out this technology to users in Japan by December 2023 and plans for a global release, the world eagerly anticipates its transformative impact on AI innovation and customization. With this game-changing technology, Fujitsu is making the future of AI solutions a reality, one natural language command at a time.

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