This FTX drama has lawyers smiling to the bank


  • FTX’s collapse affected both novice and seasoned investors.
  • Ryan Zurrer suggests a lengthy recovery process, with immediate creditor claims offering around 40% return.
  • Anthropic’s surprise emergence could potentially benefit creditors.
  • Tom Shaughnessy prefers liquid crypto now over uncertain future payouts.

The catastrophe of FTX’s collapse didn’t discriminate. Whether you were a rookie dipping your toes into crypto or an investment tycoon with deep pockets tied into FTX, the aftershock hit hard. As the dust begins to settle, one entity seems to be emerging as the real winner: the legal fraternity.

Creditor Claims: A Game of Patience or Smart Play?

Recovery from such devastating financial blows is never straightforward, observes Ryan Zurrer. Faced with the daunting possibility of a long-winded resolution, many are tempted to grab the lifeline of creditor claims that offer an immediate yet partial refund.

Current claim valuations hover around 40% of the original investment, leading many to ponder the wisdom of waiting for a possible higher payout in the distant future.

This is where Anthropic’s unexpected emergence adds a fascinating twist to the narrative. Tom Shaughnessy of Delphi Digital echoes this sentiment, hinting at the potential windfall creditors could reap if Anthropic’s valuation soars.

But, for him, the allure of liquid crypto today is irresistible. Beyond the fiscal appeal, the peace of mind that comes with extracting oneself from the quagmire of uncertainty is priceless.

Who, after all, wants the daily turmoil of speculating over a payout that could be years away? Angel investor Santiago Santos chips in with a balanced perspective. He points out that the strategy one chooses might boil down to personal temperament.

The fluctuating value of creditor claims, which once languished at a paltry eight cents to the dollar, has lured many. Conversely, those entrenched in litigation finance might opt for the long game, painstakingly analyzing every financial detail before making a move.

Legal Eagles: Cashing in on the Chaos

But amidst this financial tug-of-war, it’s the lawyers who seem to be laughing their way to the bank. Santos candidly expresses his preference for the 40% claim, reiterating his faith in his investment acumen.

However, he doesn’t shy away from spotlighting the legal sector’s financial harvest. With their hefty fees and an extended legal process, the eventual payout to creditors could be a mere shadow of its potential worth.

The intricacies of the digital domain further complicate matters. There’s genuine concern about the lawyers’ grasp over the nuances of crypto custody.

After all, having a traditional legal education doesn’t necessarily equip one to navigate the complexities of digital assets. So, while they’re busy racking up billable hours, are they genuinely safeguarding the assets in question?

For Ryan Zurrer, the entire FTX fiasco was nothing short of a masterclass in deception. And the ongoing legal procedures? Another crafty scheme to bleed the situation dry.

With the crypto world and conferences becoming lucrative playgrounds, Santos quips that legal experts specializing in cryptocurrency seem to have found their golden goose.

The bottomline is while the FTX fallout continues to reverberate, sending shockwaves across the investment world, the spotlight inevitably shines on the attorneys capitalizing on this mayhem.

While many stakeholders are left navigating this tumultuous storm, it seems the lawyers have found their silver lining. In this high-stakes game, where fortunes are made and lost, the house – or in this case, the legal fraternity – always wins.

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