FTX co-founder exposes SBF’s funding for US politicians


  • Former FTX executive, Nishad Singh, reveals SBF allegedly used misappropriated funds for political donations.
  • Singh claims around $8 billion of FTX customer money was redirected to Alameda Research, an affiliate of SBF.
  • The vanished funds were allegedly part of a strategy to overcome FTX’s banking account issues.

In the latest turn of events, former FTX high-ranking official, Nishad Singh, peeled back the curtain on the behind-the-scenes dealings of SBF, FTX’s embattled figurehead.

Singh’s revelations during the trial, which has now entered its third week, sent shockwaves through the crypto community and the world of political finance.

Unraveling a Web of Financial Intricacy

According to Singh, a staggering $8 billion of the firm’s clientele assets seemed to have mysteriously disappeared. These vanished funds, Singh alleges, were strategically directed toward Alameda Research, a trading entity closely connected to Bankman-Fried.

Given the magnitude of this alleged financial diversion, it’s no wonder Singh described the aftermath as an “enormous” chasm in the company’s accounts.

But Singh’s professional link to SBF dates back further than the recent FTX conundrum. The two had shared corridors and classrooms during their high school years, and Singh’s reverence for Bankman-Fried was once unmistakable.

However, with unfolding events and mounting evidence, that deep-seated respect appears to have corroded significantly. Singh’s journey with Alameda predates the genesis of FTX. This association was no accident.

Early on, he had inklings that Alameda’s vaults became a depository for FTX’s customer money. Singh suggests that this financial shuffle was a strategic move to sidestep the challenges FTX encountered while trying to establish its banking credentials.

Behind the Digital Curtain: Political Maneuvers Exposed

Digging further into the details, Singh spoke of a crafty system he had engineered back in 2019. This digital infrastructure would channel FTX client deposits directly into the coffers of Alameda.

In this meticulously orchestrated financial dance, when users followed the wire instructions listed on the FTX platform, their assets landed snugly into accounts controlled by Alameda.

Despite these mechanisms, Singh attested that SBF and his entourage consistently denied any special treatment being awarded to Alameda.

However, Singh’s revelations did not end there. Delving into the realm of political finance, Singh outlined FTX’s nuanced approach to supporting political candidates.

Not merely content with intricate financial systems, FTX allegedly employed a complex operation that required several layers of approvals before funds reached their political destinations.

Singh painted a picture of a multi-tiered authorization system. Ryan Salame, another top brass at FTX, would initiate the wire transfers from an account under Singh’s purview, requiring the latter’s final nod.

Pushing the boundaries of conventional business practices, Singh even mentioned blank checks he’d endorsed, which were then purportedly handed over to Gabe Bankman-Fried, SBF’s sibling.

The ultimate beneficiaries? A slew of politicians, according to Singh’s testimony. While this trial’s revelations continue to evolve, Singh’s explosive claims have undoubtedly intensified scrutiny on SBF and his FTX operations.

Whether these accusations stand the test of judicial examination remains to be seen. But one thing’s clear: in the volatile universe of crypto and politics, the boundaries between ambition, innovation, and alleged malfeasance can blur rapidly. Proceed with caution.

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