Former FTX executives launching new crypto exchange

FTX splurged on cartoon, book about humans and ‘Pineapple HouseFTX splurged on cartoon, book about humans and ‘Pineapple House

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  • Former FTX executives, led by Can Sun, are launching Backpack Exchange, a new cryptocurrency platform with a focus on self-custody wallets.
  • Backpack Exchange, approved by Dubai’s cryptocurrency regulator, is seeking a $100 million valuation and aims to address security issues prevalent in the crypto industry.
  • The team behind Backpack Exchange is utilizing their experience from FTX’s failure to ensure better transparency and user control in their new venture.

In a bold move to reshape the cryptocurrency landscape, former FTX general counsel Can Sun and a team of ex-FTX executives are launching a new crypto exchange, Backpack.

This ambitious venture, recently authorized by Dubai’s cryptocurrency regulator, aims to raise funds at a substantial $100 million valuation.

A Fresh Start in Crypto Exchange

The new platform, Backpack Exchange, represents a significant shift in digital currency trading. Built on Trek Labs’ technology, the exchange will utilize “self-custody” crypto wallets.

This innovation ensures that users maintain control over their funds, marking a departure from traditional exchange models where the platform held unilateral access to user assets.

The underlying technology employs multiparty computation techniques, requiring several parties’ approval for any transaction. This approach is designed to increase security and transparency, allowing users to verify their holdings at any time.

Backpack Exchange’s beta version is set to launch soon, signaling a new era in cryptocurrency trading. The platform’s emphasis on self-custody and user empowerment stands in stark contrast to the practices that led to FTX’s downfall.

Sun and his team aim to use their experience at FTX to inform and enhance Backpack’s operations, ensuring a more secure and user-centric platform.

Overcoming a Troubled Legacy

The formation of Backpack Exchange comes amidst the turbulent aftermath of FTX’s collapse. The involvement of former FTX executives, especially Can Sun, who testified against Sam Bankman-Fried during the FTX trial, adds a complex layer to this new venture.

Sun’s testimony highlighted the misuse of customer funds at FTX, a stark reminder of the need for more stringent and transparent practices in the cryptocurrency industry.

The new exchange aims to rise above the shadows of FTX, focusing on trust, transparency, and technological innovation.

While the connection to FTX might raise questions among potential users and investors, Sun and his team are determined to redefine what a cryptocurrency exchange can be.

Their commitment to learning from past mistakes and implementing robust security measures is evident in Backpack’s design and operational philosophy.

Revolutionizing Digital Currency Trading

Backpack Exchange’s model of self-custody wallets and multiparty computation is not just a technical upgrade; it represents a philosophical shift in the crypto exchange realm.

By prioritizing user control and transparent operations, Backpack aims to restore trust in an industry rattled by the FTX scandal. The exchange’s planned launch is a significant moment for the crypto world, offering a potential blueprint for future platforms.

If successful, Backpack could lead a wave of exchanges adopting similar user-focused and secure frameworks, setting a new standard in the industry.

As the crypto community watches closely, the success of Backpack Exchange could mark a turning point, ushering in an era of safer, more reliable, and user-centric cryptocurrency trading platforms.

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