Floki Inu token sees surge in trading volumes amid China-focused expansion of Valhalla Metaverse game

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  • Floki Inu (FLOKI) experiences a surge in trading volumes and attracts new Chinese traders amid its expansion plans for the Valhalla Metaverse game.
  • Ads featured in Chinese sporting tournaments contribute to the increased interest in Floki Inu, with trading volumes exceeding $99 million.
  • Hong Kong’s upcoming crypto legalization fuels speculation of wealthy Chinese speculators entering the cryptocurrency markets, potentially driving the next crypto bull run.

Floki Inu (FLOKI), a token inspired by the popular Shiba Inu dog breed, witnessed a remarkable surge in trading volumes, with a staggering 232.83% increase on Monday. This surge marks the highest level of trading activity seen in over three weeks for the cryptocurrency. The renewed interest in Floki Inu can be attributed to its expansion plans in China, particularly its Valhalla Metaverse game. Trading volumes for the tokens surpassed $99 million, significantly surpassing the previous week’s average of $25 million.

Chinese sporting tournament ads drive speculation of new traders

The recent surge in interest for Floki Inu tokens can be attributed to the exposure gained through the advertisement of the Valhalla Metaverse game during Chinese sporting tournaments. The prominence of these ads caught the attention of speculators, leading to the speculation that new traders from China might be drawn to the tokens. Floki developers acknowledged the increasing presence of Chinese community members on their social media platforms, indicating a growing interest in the project from Chinese investors.

In its latest efforts to expand its user base for the Valhalla Metaverse game, Floki has specifically targeted the Chinese market. The developers have ensured that the game’s content and technical materials are available in both traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese, catering to the preferences of the Chinese gaming community. This strategic move aligns with the broader trend of the “China narrative” gaining popularity within the Crypto Twitter community. The relaxation of regulations for retail trading in Hong Kong has further fueled the interest in Asia-focused tokens, including conflux (CFX), in recent weeks.

Starting from June 1, Hong Kong will permit traders to invest in select tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana on regulated exchanges within the country. This development has generated speculation about the entry of affluent Chinese speculators into the cryptocurrency markets, with the expectation that they will bring substantial investments. While traders will not be allowed to hold stablecoins, this move has sparked optimism regarding the potential inflow of funds from Chinese investors into the crypto industry.

Floki’s core developer, @100bviking, emphasized the robust growth of the Chinese economy amidst a global economic slowdown. J.P. Morgan projects a 4.5% increase in China’s GDP for 2023, surpassing the projected growth rates for both the global economy and the United States. This strong growth is expected to spill over into the cryptocurrency market, particularly with the impending legalization of crypto in Hong Kong. The move is seen as a significant step toward China’s increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies, leading many to believe that China will play a pivotal role in driving the next bull run in the crypto industry.

The integration of cryptocurrencies with sporting events has proven to be an effective way for projects to gain exposure and broaden their audience. Floki Inu recently seized this opportunity by featuring ads related to its Valhalla Metaverse game in Chinese sporting tournaments. The presence of Floki Inu on a billboard behind the Central Wutai World Table Tennis Championship garnered attention, and the official Floki Inu account acknowledged this achievement. The broadcast on CCTV-5, China’s premier sports channel, introduced the Shiba Inu-themed cryptocurrency to millions of viewers, effectively expanding its reach.

Surge in network activity further supports Floki Inu’s momentum

CoinMarketCap data reveals that FLOKI’s trading volume has increased by over 220% in the past day, reaching the brink of $100 million. Additionally, the network activity of Floki Inu has experienced significant growth. According to data from IntoTheBlock, the number of active addresses on the network has risen by 176.71% over the past week. Moreover, there has been an 80.70% increase in the number of new addresses joining the network, reinforcing the narrative of growing interest and participation in the Floki Inu ecosystem.

The surge in Floki Inu’s trading volumes and the influx of Chinese community members can be attributed to the project’s focus on the Chinese market and the exposure gained through sports advertising. As China’s economy continues to exhibit robust growth and with the impending legalization of crypto trading in Hong Kong, the crypto industry anticipates a significant role for China in driving the next bull run. The increasing interest in Floki Inu and the surge in network activity further demonstrate the momentum behind the project and the potential for future growth in the cryptocurrency market.

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