“Fighting AI With AI is Now a Non-Negotiable,” Says Cloudflare CEO as Firm Launches Its Model


  • Cloudflare has launched its AI model, called Defensive AI.
  • The firm said traditional security measures are failing to keep up with increasingly sophisticated attacks powered by AI.
  • Cloudflare solution, with its new model, is basically to fight AI with AI.

Cloudflare, a leader in internet security solutions, has announced Defensive AI, a new approach to combating evolving cyber threats. The model uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create personalized security strategies for individual organizations.

Cloudflare Says AI is Empowering Cybercriminals

Traditional, one-size-fits-all security solutions are becoming increasingly ineffective as cybercriminals leverage AI to launch sophisticated attacks. The value of an organization’s data and trade secrets necessitates that organisations evolve, security-wise, with the changing times. 

While AI offers tremendous benefits, it also equips malicious actors with advanced capabilities, rendering generic security solutions insufficient. Today’s threat actors are increasingly turning to AI to launch sophisticated phishing scams, write malicious code, and target critical business functions.

“Fighting AI with AI is now a non-negotiable. And a personalized approach to protect data and defend against complex threats unique to an organization’s attack surface, at-speed, and scale, is paramount,” said Matthew Prince, CEO at Cloudflare.

How Defensive AI Model Tackles AI Threats

Cloudflare said its Defensive AI model addresses the challenge by taking a personalized approach to security. It will analyze an organization’s unique traffic patterns to identify and mitigate the specific threats it faces. This will allow organizations to:

  • Protect APIs: Cloudflare’s API Anomaly Detection uses AI to learn an application’s normal behaviour and identify suspicious activity, safeguarding against attacks that aim to damage applications, steal data, or hijack accounts.
  • Secure Email: As phishing remains the primary attack vector, Defensive AI utilizes AI-powered email security solutions to analyze all parts of an email message, including content and sender information, to detect and flag malicious attempts.
  • Mitigate Insider Threats: By establishing baselines for user behaviour and resource access, Defensive AI empowers organizations to identify and address potential insider threats, whether accidental or malicious.

“By understanding ‘normal baselines’ in a customer’s environment and mitigating the threats that will move the needle towards increased resilience, Defensive AI is the crucial edge defenders need to stay ahead of today’s adversaries,” the CEO added. 

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