Fidelity’s crypto-adjacent move revealed in ETF share class filing

Fidelity's crypto-adjacent move revealed in ETF share class filing

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  • Fidelity has filed with the SEC to adopt Vanguard’s ETF multi-share class structure, positioning itself as a key player in innovative fund management.
  • The proposal aims to optimize the benefits for both ETF and mutual fund classes, addressing potential regulatory concerns, such as “cross-subsidization.”
  • Concurrently, Fidelity is advancing in the crypto space, revising its Wise Origin Bitcoin Trust ETF to align with SEC requirements, reflecting a broader trend of financial institutions adapting to regulatory standards in cryptocurrency.

In a strategic move signaling its growing interest in the financial landscape, Fidelity, a titan in the asset management industry, has taken a significant step towards embracing a structure pioneered by Vanguard.

The firm has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to adopt Vanguard’s Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) multi-share class structure, positioning itself as the third manager to pursue this innovative approach.

This filing underscores Fidelity’s commitment to exploring new financial terrains, particularly in the realm of actively managed funds with a total return investment mandate.

Adopting Vanguard’s Innovative ETF Structure

Fidelity’s proposal, outlined in two SEC filings, seeks permission to allow an unspecified number of its open-end mutual funds to list ETF shares.

This move is strategically aligned with the firm’s focus on actively managed funds and is seen as a way to optimize the interests of both ETF and mutual fund classes within each fund.

The adoption of this multi-share class structure, which was under Vanguard’s patented protection for 22 years until May, has been instrumental in reducing operational costs and enhancing tax efficiencies through the ETF share class’s in-kind creation and redemption process.

This structure has attracted attention from other major players in the investment world. PGIA, the US division of Australia’s Perpetual, and Dimensional Fund Advisors have also filed for similar arrangements earlier this year.

Fidelity’s approach addresses potential conflicts identified by the SEC, such as “cross-subsidization” concerns, by limiting its multi-class funds to those that would efficiently manage cash imbalances.

Fidelity’s Bitcoin ETF Endeavor and Regulatory Compliance

Coinciding with this development, Fidelity has also been active in the crypto space, submitting a revised version of its Wise Origin Bitcoin Trust to the U.S. securities regulator.

This updated spot bitcoin ETF prospectus is tailored to meet SEC requirements, potentially increasing its chances of approval.

Fidelity’s initiative reflects a broader trend among financial institutions seeking to address the regulator’s concerns in the dynamic and complex world of cryptocurrency.

Financial analysts, including Bloomberg’s James Seyffart, have viewed these moves positively, suggesting that potential spot Bitcoin ETF issuers are engaging in productive dialogues with the SEC.

Common themes in these amended applications, such as detailing custodial arrangements and addressing concerns related to hard forks and crypto mining’s energy consumption, indicate a concerted effort to align with regulatory expectations.

Fidelity’s recent filings represent a dual strategic thrust: embracing a Vanguard-pioneered ETF structure to enhance its fund offerings and delving deeper into the cryptocurrency sector with a revised Bitcoin ETF application.

These efforts highlight Fidelity’s agility in adapting to the changing financial landscape, balancing innovative investment structures with regulatory compliance.

As Fidelity continues to navigate these new avenues, its actions will likely have significant implications for the broader investment community, setting a precedent for others to follow in the realms of ETFs and digital assets.

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