Faws cryptonews aggregator focuses on customization ease for readers

Cryptocurrencies took the world by a storm and along came various news sources and the need for independent media and journalism outlets to start covering the arena as a major financial realm of the modern world. Faws.com carries a unique position among the top cryptocurrency news aggregation and portfolio manage websites.

The platform covers news aggregation, cryptocurrency daily pricing data, and a portfolio manager. Cryptocurrency rates are also displayed live in a ticker bar on the home page, and users can create specialized watchlist in the “coins” section of the platform. Users can also add watchlist based on their portfolio currencies.

Another interesting feature is the data population which is set on the market cap by default but can be adjusted to list currencies by the prices. Other variables to list currencies include the volume in the market as well as the change percentage.

Ease of feed customization for news readers

The real treat for readers and traders seeking news-based information on the industry comes in the news aggregation section. The news aggregators provide a centralized platform, and Faws carries a special mantle among the aggregators with its easy to use customization options for registered users. Registration on the platform to customize the news feed is free.

Faws cryptonews aggregator focuses on customization ease for readers 1

Once registered; users can create customized watch lists based on their own needs, however, if they head on to the source tab, the very simple and easy to use interface makes them fall in love with the aggregator instantly.

Once on the sources tab, users can customize their feed and select from the source categories that are divided into new, press releases, social media, and crypto guides.

Managing Portfolio

The platform provides an easy to use interface that allows you to add your portfolio coins to the dashboard and keep track of the currency based on the daily volume change. You can import the portfolio currencies to the watchlist if needed.

Faws cryptonews aggregator focuses on customization ease for readers 2

Final Word

All in all, Faws is an exceptional platform that is working with the reader ease of access at the center of their graphic user interface. Some experts place it among the top five news aggregators for cryptocurrency and blockchain industry-related news, and we found no reason to question their judgment.