Everything to know about First Digital’s USD-backed stablecoin

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  • First Digital has launched a USD-backed stablecoin named FDUSD.
  • The new stablecoin aims to reduce cryptocurrency market volatility and make transactions more efficient.
  • FDUSD is issued by the subsidiary FD121 Limited, and its value is pegged to the U.S. dollar at a 1:1 ratio.
  • FDUSD reserves are held in segregated accounts, and are comprised of cash or highly liquid assets, ensuring their redeemability.

The Asian financial technology firm First Digital has unveiled its latest innovative venture, a USD-pegged stablecoin coined First Digital USD (FDUSD).

This pivotal move broadens the scope of stablecoins currently available on the market, providing an exciting alternative for individuals seeking increased stability amid the fluctuating financial environment.

Revolutionary aspirations: First Digital’s stablecoin

First Digital’s commitment to this project stems from its desire to mitigate cryptocurrency market volatility. The FDUSD coin, birthed under the subsidiary, FD121 Limited, is intended to offer users a more secure and efficient means of conducting transactions.

This pioneering crypto instrument ensures lower transaction costs and eliminates the need for intermediaries by enabling financial contracts and escrow services.

The FDUSD is underpinned by the principle of transparency, with its value tethered to the U.S dollar at a 1:1 ratio. This implies that every FDUSD token in circulation is equivalently backed by either one U.S. dollar or assets of comparable fair value in regulated Asian financial institutions’ accounts.

This structure guarantees the reliability of FDUSD tokens, offering users the confidence of redeeming their stablecoins as desired.

Security and compliance

First Digital’s dedication to regulatory adherence is evident in the careful handling of FDUSD reserves. All reserves are kept in separate accounts within the trust company, safeguarding against intermingling with other assets of the company.

Furthermore, only cash or highly liquid assets are deemed suitable for these accounts, ensuring that FDUSD holders can redeem their tokens with the assurance of the 1:1 backing.

Notably, the redeemability of FDUSD tokens underscores another aspect of First Digital’s commitment to transparency and security. As FDUSD tokens are backed by high-quality reserves – cash or cash equivalents – users can redeem their tokens for U.S. dollars.

This feature adds an extra layer of safety to the reserves and reinforces First Digital’s pledge to provide users with a stable and secure crypto instrument.

Vincent Chok, the CEO of First Digital, heralded this achievement as a “significant milestone” for the company. He emphasized that FDUSD’s launch is a testament to First Digital’s mission to create a secure and efficient digital currency.

The company aims to inspire confidence and trust in this innovative blockchain technology, particularly at a time when stability in the traditional financial system is wavering.

In their pursuit of setting new standards of legitimacy within the crypto space, First Digital plans to work closely with local and global regulatory authorities.

Through these collaborations, they aim to ensure comprehensive compliance with applicable laws and regulations. By fostering such relationships, First Digital looks forward to shaping the evolution of regulatory regimes within the digital currency landscape.

First Digital’s innovative solution is just the beginning. With their new stablecoin underpinned by state-of-the-art technology, First Digital hopes to provide a safe, reliable alternative to traditional currencies, ultimately transforming the world of finance.

As a harbinger of future advancements, the launch of FDUSD signifies First Digital’s ongoing commitment to bridging the gap between the traditional and digital financial worlds. Their eyes are set on the future, and it’s looking brighter than ever.

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