Ethereum seeks to end crypto-mining through GPUs

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• Ethereum network wants a friendly way to mine tokens
• Contribution test instead of crypto-mining gains popularity

The second largest market capitalization token, Ethereum, is preparing for a new project where it intends to end GPU mining operations by the end of the year’s third quarter. According to research, the Blockchain team seeks to change their crypto mining process to one involving contribution tests. If so, this completely changes the crypto-mining scheme in one of the most popular tokens on the market.

Although Ether shows a soft nature, the crypto must be mined. This also applies to tokens such as Bitcoin, which ranks number one in decentralized trading.

Ethereum: From GPU mining to contribution test

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Since the Ether Blockchain’s creation, its mining process has been based on the use of GPUs, like other cryptos. It is a mechanism that requires GPU machines that carry out the task of mining tokens and usually consume a lot of energy. This work has been highly criticized for affecting the environment and its electrical consumption, which can sometimes be excessive.

After several years of Ethereum network development, its director has decided to carry out new tests where the GPU use is to be changed for a more friendly technology. The ETH team will look to launch the project by September 19 after their running plan, “the Merge,” is complete. This scheme promises to mint a certain number of coins in the node to have more control over the ETH extraction.

ETH network will stop the uncontrolled crypto mining


According to one of the Ethereum programmers, Edgington Ben, this is an order merger for the people who manage the nodes. They must also renew their way of working to recognize this new scheme. The project will seek to eliminate large GPU-powered rigs that burn millions of kilowatt hours, which would benefit the environment.

The Ethereum project could be inspiring for other crypto companies that allow GPU mining of their units and try to revamp that aspect. In the last decade, the Ether network was to blame for a processors shortage as many enthusiasts sought to mine the token through a huge processors line. Although the exit of ETH from crypto mining this problem will be alleviated, it will not eliminate it.

It is good to know that there are still many cryptocurrencies, and those are released monthly, requiring GPU to be mined. However, they are a minority that needs an approximate amount of energy than ETH needs to do the job. All these developments in ETH will not affect the token’s value, which is currently recovering after losing more than 50 percent of its value in previous months.

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