Level Infinite and British Esports Offer New Esports Career Opportunities


  • The British Esports Federation collaborates with Tencent Games’ Level Infinite to highlight career opportunities in esports through a series of video interviews.
  • It will help educate and inspire young individuals in the UK and the Middle East to pursue esports career paths.
  • The goal is to help promote esports as a career option by offering insights about the skills required.

The British Esports Federation has announced an exciting collaboration with Tencent Games’ Level Infinite, aimed at highlighting the myriad of career opportunities within the esports industry. This partnership is designed to inspire and educate young individuals in the UK and the Middle East about the various career paths available in esports, emphasizing the sector’s potential for professional growth and development.

Unveiling Esports careers

A part of this initiative is interviews with with members of the Tencent Games’ Level Infinite team. The series will bring together education and esports with the goal of entertaining the viewers. Along with that, it will also provide valuable insights into the skills required for success in this field. The professionals featured in it will discuss various opportunities and job roles present in esports. This way, it will offer a complete overview on the industry.

Meet the trailblazers: Level Infinite team members

The interview series showcases insights from notable individuals such as James Yang, Director of Global Esports Center at Tencent Games, and several senior esports managers from Level Infinite MENA (Middle East and North Africa), including Abdallah Al Ghifari, Krys Jaro, Lexi Ma, Max Yeung, and Jay Liang. These interviews are designed to inspire future talent by demonstrating the global job and career opportunities available in esports, beyond its popular perception as a recreational activity.

Inspiring future Esports talent

The British Esports Federation is committed to promoting esports in the UK, focusing on grassroots engagement to nurture future talent, increase awareness of esports, and provide expertise to young enthusiasts. The video interview series, featuring approximately 10-minute segments with Level Infinite team members, serves as a valuable resource for individuals aspiring to work in esports. It gives a clear picture to learn about different opportunities present in the industry. The audience will learn about the skills, knowledge, and experience required to pursue a career in esports.

Empowering the youth in the UK and Middle East

This collaboration between the British Esports Federation and Tencent Games’ Level Infinite is aimed at promoting esports as an exciting and meaningful career path for young people. It seeks to offer a clear reference point for aspiring individuals, showcasing the diverse opportunities within the industry, and highlighting the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to pursue esports career pathways. Additionally, it aims to underscore the growing significance of gaming in the Middle East.

Stay tuned for weekly insights

Starting February 14th, a new video from the series will be unveiled each week, accessible through the British Esports’ website and social media platforms. These videos will be linked and unlisted, ensuring exclusive access for the community. This initiative is set to bring esports careers to the forefront, inspiring the next generation of industry leaders.

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