Emberlight is Addressing the Complexities of Web3 Games

In this post:

  • Emberlight addresses the various barriers to Web3 game development.
  • Tech fragmentation and complex token economies are among the main challenges for new Web3 developers.
  • The goal is to onboard the best game developers to Web3.

Web3 is full of complexities and technicalities affecting the everyday game developer. In contrast, Web2 has already gained much adoption due to the fact that it is simple, straightforward, and intuitive for users of all backgrounds. That is why the number of internet users worldwide has reached 5.4 billion.

With that, there are at least 2.5+ billion gamers in the world. This number is expected to grow above 3 billion by 2029 according to the chart below.

Source: Statista

While Web3 facilitates gamers in many areas where Web2 games fail, it is still far from complete adoption due to its complexities and technicalities. In particular, Web3 gaming and its monetization models are so complex that developers often find it challenging to put them into place.

In a recent post, Emberlight, a Web3 gaming infrastructure company described the various challenges and complexities of Web3 gaming.

Fragmentation – The Biggest Challenge that Emberlight Addresses

Emberlight described fragmentation in blockchain tech to be the biggest market challenge. It emphasized that in 2018, we had 3 blockchains. Since the major focus of innovation and capital has been on building infrastructure, we have more than 50 blockchains today.

But that’s not all. There are at least a dozen different wallets, marketplaces, off/on ramp solutions, payment processors, and an endless list of other infrastructure.

Hence, among the biggest challenges that Web3 game developers face is that of evaluating and choosing the right blockchains and features. This can add up to the costs, which isn’t favorable especially when the budget is limited, resulting in a barrier to entry.


Even before blockchain came, Emberlight mentions, videogames had item based economies. However, time has proven that open and transparent economies are better than closed and inflationary economics.

Now, game developers need to know how to manage the liquidity, value, and volatility. It requires a complete understanding of economics, supply, and demand. Unfortunately, the average game developer does not usually have much expertise in these areas.

This often results in A great game with a poor economy. And of course, it means that success is not likely.


Emberlight is aiming to address all these challenges by providing infrastructure To Web3 game developers. It consists of a team of industry experts who have worked in games like Call of Duty, Club Penguin, Need for Speed, and more. The goal is to onboard the best game developers to Web3 and facilitate the adoption of Web3 gaming.

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