Uncovering the Elusive Penguin Statues in Batman: Arkham City Museum


  • Batman: Arkham City players, don’t miss our guide to uncovering all 12 Penguin Statues in the Museum!
  • Stay vigilant in Arkham City – invisible Penguin statues can be a challenge! Learn how to troubleshoot the glitch in our guide.
  • Riddle me this! Penguin Statues are more than collectibles; they unlock concept art in Batman: Arkham City. Discover their hidden locations now.

Gotham City – As gamers venture into the dark and treacherous world of Batman: Arkham City, they must not only face off against notorious villains but also tackle the Riddler’s Challenge, which includes finding and destroying elusive Penguin Statues hidden within the Museum.

The Museum’s secrets unveiled

Penguin Statues are an integral part of the Riddler’s Challenge, and despite their seemingly obvious locations, they can prove surprisingly easy to miss. As players journey through the Museum, they must keep their eyes peeled for these valuable collectibles. Below are the locations for all 12 Penguin Statues:

Penguin statue 1

Upon entering the Museum, turn right and enter the first room. The statue can be found near the desk in the back.

Penguin Statue 2

Proceed to the room beneath the T-Rex statue. Once downstairs, take the first right to find the statue next to a window displaying bats.

Penguin statue 3

In the same Trophy Room, locate the display at the back right of the T-rex statue. Climb through the vent on top to discover the Penguin statue on the other side.

Penguin statue 4:

Head to the very back of the Trophy Room and slide under the fence to your left. The Penguin Statue will be on the right side of the dinosaur fossil.

Penguin statue 5

To reach this statue, you’ll need the Remote Control Batarang. From the entrance of the Gladiator’s Pit, go right and follow the path to a room with three gates. Slide under the left gate and grapple up the elevator shaft at the end. Enter through the broken wall on your left to find the Penguin Statue inside a cage, suspended from the ceiling. Be cautious, as the electrified fence around the cage can harm you.

Penguin Statue 6

From the location of the previous statue, ascend the stairs on your left to discover the next Penguin Statue.

Penguin Statue 7

The next Penguin Statue is in the War Room of the Museum, resting on the table before you turn the corner.

Penguin Statue 8

While en route to the Torture Chamber, you’ll spot this Penguin perched on an exhibit at the end of the hallway, after entering through the giant face statue door.

Penguin Statue 9

Look for the Penguin hiding in the grass under the mammoth statue displayed in the Armory of the Museum.

Penguin Statue 10

Another statue can be found in the Armory, within a broken display case in the corridor to the right of the mammoth statue.

Penguin Statues 11 and 12

Enter the Iceberg Lounge, which is part of the Museum but has an independent entrance from the outside. Both Penguin statues are located on the second table to your right.

Troubleshooting the invisible Penguin statue glitch

While collecting these Penguin Statues, some players have encountered a bug where the statues in the Museum become invisible, making them challenging to locate. Although players can still target and destroy them, they cannot see the statues. Here are some solutions to address this issue:

Spamming Batarangs: In some cases, players have been able to destroy the invisible statues by rapidly spamming Batarangs or switching to a Remote Batarang.

Standard procedures: If the problem persists, players can try standard troubleshooting procedures, such as reloading an old save, restarting the game, or even reinstalling it. These steps have helped resolve the problem for some.

While navigating Batman’s perilous journey through Arkham City, players should not overlook the Riddler’s Challenge and the hidden Penguin Statues within the Museum. These collectibles not only add depth to the game but also unlock valuable concept art. By following our guide and troubleshooting tips, gamers can conquer the challenge and ensure that the elusive Penguin Statues are no longer hidden in the shadows of Gotham City.

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