El Salvador reveals significant Bitcoin treasury holdings


  • El Salvador discloses a $400+ million Bitcoin stash, much higher than thought.
  • Bitcoin is acquired through diverse methods like passport sales and business deals.
  • Recent transfers, mainly from Bitfinex, boosted El Salvador’s Bitcoin treasury.

In a recent announcement on X (formerly Twitter), President Bukele of El Salvador disclosed the nation’s substantial Bitcoin holdings, referring to it as “our first #Bitcoin piggy bank.” This revelation unveils a noteworthy development in the country’s approach to cryptocurrency management. Based on Thursday’s prices, the disclosed wallet contains 5,689.68 BTC, valued at approximately $411 million.

Unveiling El Salvador’s Bitcoin treasury

El Salvador’s decision to store the Bitcoin cold wallet in a physical vault within its national territory underscores a strategic move to secure its digital assets. The disclosed amount significantly surpasses previous estimations, with public trackers pegging the nation’s Bitcoin holdings at less than 3,000 BTC ($205 million). This newfound transparency offers insight into the scale of El Salvador’s cryptocurrency endeavors.

President Bukele hinted at the diverse avenues through which El Salvador accumulated its Bitcoin holdings. These include selling passports, currency conversions for businesses, mining activities, and government service transactions. Such multifaceted acquisition strategies highlight El Salvador’s proactive approach toward bolstering its cryptocurrency reserves.

Historic Bitcoin adoption by El Salvador

El Salvador made history in September 2021 by becoming the first country to purchase Bitcoin as a treasury asset, signaling a pioneering step in mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. At the time of acquisition, a single Bitcoin was valued at approximately $52,000. The subsequent surge in Bitcoin’s value, with prices exceeding $72,000 recently, has significantly amplified the worth of El Salvador’s investment.

The recent influx of Bitcoin into El Salvador’s cold wallet occurred predominantly over the past week, with a substantial portion arriving on Thursday. Notably, a significant source of these transfers is attributed to Bitfinex, as revealed by Arkham Intelligence. This influx underscores the dynamic nature of El Salvador’s engagement with cryptocurrency markets and its strategic partnerships within the industry.

El Salvador’s disclosure of its substantial Bitcoin treasury holdings marks a significant milestone in the nation’s embrace of digital assets. President Bukele’s transparency regarding the specific address tied to the holdings provides a newfound level of clarity and accountability. As Bitcoin continues to assert its influence in global finance, El Salvador’s proactive stance positions it at the forefront of cryptocurrency adoption among nations.

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