EigenLayer on the Edge of Potential Yield Crisis

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  • EigenLayer’s liquid staking users will need more DeFi utility to avoid a potential yield crisis in the future.
  • Industry experts claim that the problem is linked to the protocol outgrowing its Actively Validated Services (AVS)
  • One of the possible solutions to this problem is having the protocol’s users use more dApps

EigenLayer, one of the biggest staking protocols on the Ethereum network, is facing a significant challenge that could potentially lead to a yield crisis. 

Industry observers are increasingly concerned about the growing difference between EigenLayer’s Total Value Locked (TVL) and its Actively Validated Services (AVS).

What Has Been Said About The Yield Crisis

Chudnov, a pseudonymous employee of the derivatives exchange 3Jane, recently posted that EigenLayer’s Total Value Locked (TVL) exceeds $15 billion. 

However, Chudnov suggests that to maintain security, the Actively Validated Services (AVSs) require only a bit of that amount, possibly less than 10%. As such, it’s clear to see that EigenLayer users might experience reduced yield in the future. 

The Liquidity Problem

Liquid staking is a method that enables users to stake their assets on a blockchain while still being able to access them in the form of liquid tokens. 

EigenLayer is popular among its users for Ethereum staking. It allows users to earn rewards without locking up their assets. 

However, there’s a big problem at hand. There’s a difference between what’s staked on EigenLayer (Total Value Locked or TVL) and what’s really needed for validation (Actively Validated Services or AVS). 

Even if more is staked, it doesn’t mean more work is needed for validation. So, as more people stake, the rewards might get split among more users. Over time, users would earn less.

What’s Next for EigenLayer?

EigenLayer may need to explore various solutions to avoid a potential yield crisis. One goal is to enhance the utility of its liquid staking tokens within the DeFi ecosystem. 

One possible approach could involve innovating new functionalities for these tokens, expanding their use beyond traditional staking activities. By enabling users to use DeFi apps more while still earning staking rewards, EigenLayer could effectively bolster the attractiveness and versatility of its platform.

Still, EigenLayer’s future is uncertain. It has to create a model to address its growing Total Value Locked (TVL) to remain a viable option for Ethereum stakers in the long run. 

Thus, EigenLayer’s upcoming developments and strategic adjustments will be crucial in shaping its sustainability and continued relevance within the Ethereum ecosystem.

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