Dubai reveals financial technology regional roadmap

In the Middle East and Africa, the Financial technology (Fintech) companies are striving to maintain their position in the growing market settings. The publication of a paper by the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) provides guidelines to the Fintech firms for securing their respective position in the emerging market trend. It is considered to be the ray of hope for the Fintech Firms in this region.

The details of this report were revealed at the SanFransico that shows that this paper provides the road map for the Fintech firms. The report on this paper depicts that this paper was published after thorough studies of market trends and various retrospective case studies about the Middle Eastern and African region.

It also read in-depth guidelines by the lessons learned from the successful patterns adopted by the past Fintech firms and banking sector to achieve their desired goals. The new Fintech companies would be able to enhance their growth by adopting similar trends that were adopted by the past prestigious firms.

The CEO of the DIFC Authority has a vision that the Fintech firms have a huge capacity for growth and their potential is not limited. He said that this region has a lot of opportunities to be explored. For any company’s growth, the main factor is that the environment should be made conducive first.

The CEO claimed that by collaborating with other firms they are successful in creating favorable business settings to explore the untapped opportunities and increase the growth. As the need of the hour is to provide financial services to the people of which almost 70% of the population is deprived of.